Stethoscope covers OK for men?

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    Sounds kinda petty but... I'm moving from an EMT job to working in an Urgent Care facility. In the field, I wore my scope around my neck because it was covered by the collar on my uniform shirt. Now that I'm in a scrub top all day, the scope tube really irritates my neck.
    Is it acceptable for men to wear scope covers? (PS, not anything frilly or girly. I was thinking plain solid or Chicago Bears, you know, something manly.)

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    I think it's fine.. Wash it often tho
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    There is NOTHING manly about a scope cover. LOL
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    I could also argue there isn't much manly about the Chicago Bears...
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    I had my wife make a small plain black scope cover out of satin. The scope cover was made thin so it does not bunch-up and look fluffy like store bought covers. The satin not only absorbs and distributes my sweat but is also smooth enough so that my neck does not become irratated.

    Due to the thin cut of the cover and the sheen from the material, without an indepth visual examination, it is not easy to tell that there is a cover at all once I am wearing it.
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    Here is a website that sells at least one that looks like a tie! Stethoscope cover - Find your covers here and save.
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    Fortunately, I can wear a bare stethoscope around my neck and not have skin irritation. If you feel self-conscious about using a stethoscope sleeve cover, can you try a waist clip or holster? or what about wearing a collared T-shirt or Polo?
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    Quote from nicuguy
    I could also argue there isn't much manly about the Chicago Bears...
    Go Hawks!
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    Cruz, brings up a good point about using a waist clip or holster. These would make a great alternative to a stethoscope cover.
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    I use a's stethoscope holder that clips to a pants pocket or belt. I love it, and the leatherwork and clip are what I'd call tactical quality. You can find it on Amazon for $35-40.

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