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    Need some opinions here. I am a 39 year old married father of 3 considering a career change to nursing. I have worked in the corporate world for the past 18 years and have hated most of them. I have always wanted a job helping people and a job that gave me the satisfaction that I am helping making the world a better place versus making rich stockholders richer. My question is, does anyone know how successful older nursing students are, and more specifically how successful older male nursing students are. Having the responsibilities that I do, I would have to continue to work full time, while going to school part time. The program I am looking into is a 4 year program, 3 evenings per week and every other weekend. Has anyone taken on a task like this at this stage of their life? Best case is I would graduate at 43 or 44. How hard is it to find employment as a brand new graduate that is in their mid 40's and male? Does anyone have any personal experience or know anyone that has done this. On one hand, I feel pretty confident I would make a very good nurse and it would give me great job satisfaction, on the other hand I think I am nuts for even considering it.

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    Hey Old Man,

    I recently graduated and recieved my license. I am in my very late 30's as well and came from the automotive industry. After a serious injury at work I had to endure reconstructive surgery on my elbow and endure a year of PT. I always admired the nurses and PT's through the whole ordeal and always enjoyed helping others as well, so I decided when I went back to work what I wanted to do.
    I worked 40 hours a week and attended school evenings and weekends. I also have a wife and 3 kids, the workload of the schedule was very tough on the family, I missed a lot of the kids school functions and the wife had to take up a lot of the workload around the house also.
    But now my wife and kids are proud to say that the Old Man is a nurse.
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    I'm 50 in 2 weeks. Was going to go into nursing 15 years ago and then again 4 years ago. The time never seemed right. Finally, went back to school last year and hope to be in RN program starting in August 2008. I did have to retake all the sciences as it had been over 10 years since I took them. I took all 3 at once, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. But believe me, it was still a challenge, especially Micro. I do have some background as I was a Chiropractor for 10 years. Finances are an issue for me as I worked with migrant workers and lower income folks for several years and have no student loans available. Money was not my motivation for Chiropractic and it is not my motivation for Nursing. I am glad that nurses are being paid more for their efforts now. Being the oldest student in my classes bothered me a bit at first. I was also one of the older students when I became a Chiropractor 11 years ago. I am getting over the concern for age for the most part but am aware of the realities of being older in school. The day to day does seem like a long road and I question my goals most days. Reality is, you are going to be doing something in the future. Why wait and then think "Oh, I wish I had done it sooner". I keep reminding myself to remember that. Good Luck! You are not an "old man". At least not yet! LOL.
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    coop, if you know it's what you want, go for it. If you're not sure, talk to some nurses, shadow, etc. I went back at age 43 (female) and am SO glad I did. One of my best friends from nursing school was a 37-year-old guy. The more men in nursing, the better (JMHO).
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    I'm a 38 year old Teamster. I started the ball rolling two years ago and the time flies by pretty fast.
    My APII lab partner is a 62 year old lawyer.

    Look at it this way. If it takes you 4 years to get through it you'll either be...

    a) 43 and a nurse
    b) 43 and doing the same old thing.

    Good luck 'old man'
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    "old man?"

    bite your tongue, sonny!!

    go for it!
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    Thanks so much for all the responses!!! My wife and I talked about it again last night. She is very supportive and thinks I will do well and be happy changing to the nursing field. With her encouragement and the responses here, I think I need to go for it.

    Thanks again!
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    You are just a pup at 39. I retired at 45 after 25 years in my first career, now I'm a 49 year old RN. Hoping to be a 50 year old RN. And so on...
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    I didn't post earlier because I didn't know if I was going to be a nursing student... but, I got an email late Friday saying the letter is in the mail! YES!
    BA in '82.
    MBA in '01.

    Took a bunch of pre-reqs online all of last year.
    54 right now.
    55 by the time the 14 month ABSN program starts.
    56 and some by the time it ends.

    Set your goals.
    Figure out what you have to do to attain them.
    And go for it youngster!

    Good luck,
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    we have a saying here- you are only as old as the man (or woman) you feel!

    age is a number and I've forgotten mine!:wink2:

    good luck.


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