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New guy here. I'm a 46 yr old single dad of 3 daugters (that accounts for some of what's wrong with my brain). I've decided to take the plunge and start the prereqs at my local community college with the intent to become... Read More

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    I think "manurse" might work.

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    Betesticled Care Giver?
    Personal Restraint System?
    Captain Dilaudid?
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    Never had a problem until just the other night. A patient of mine, in a post op state of fuzz and confusion, said to me "Oh great, another male nurse, just what the hell do I call you". I told him" try Charlie, Ive been answering to that all my life!" Heck of a world aint it.
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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    I think "manurse" might work.
    I think not. Say it a few times quickly and tell us what it sounds like
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    Male nurses at my school are callled murse.
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    Personally, I think the term "murse" is stupid. I'm a nurse. Period. JMHO YMMV
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    When people say to me "so youre becoming a male nurse" I say "well I applied to be a female nurse, im keeping my fingers crossed".
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    Healthatican? Something- Assistant? (I wouldn't want the word assistant in my title as it means a step down to the physician) SO, I'm a Nurse.

    I just don't like how the word 'nurse' also means to feed a baby via breast, which is strictly a feminine role (naturally)
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    I could care less. I chose my user name here just to keep it lively.

    Someone mentioned something about corpsmen, and I did the same damn job as a corpsman in an ER in Japan as I do in an ER here in the US. I wouldn't mind being called a corpsman again... but then you'd get some old marine who would continue to call you doc, and then the MDs would get their panties in a wad (male and female versions)....

    Who cares? The majority of people who think male nurses are all gay are dying out. Just give it another decade and we'll all be set.
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    When I was in College, almost half of our BSN class (about 12) were males. We called each other "FOCKERS" from the ben Stiller movie "Meet the Parents"

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