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  1. watersamy

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2018

    There are a few schools that offer classes either online or condensed classes for shorter periods of time that are outside of a regular semester. If you live in the Boston area check out Quincy College they have some pre-req's that start March 1st and I believe even April, they run for 10 weeks and some even run online. Give them a call. Otherwise look for online courses that you can complete at your own pace.
  2. watersamy

    MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2018

    Looks like they've extended the deadline again to March 1st. Don't know what that means to those of us who haven't been notified yet.
  3. Has anyone ever applied to Dell's Children's? I'm an experienced nurse from Boston looking to relocate to Texas. I've applied to a few vacancies at Dell's Children's. On their online career site under the section of application status” for some positions it says under review” and for one in particular it says interview”. It's been like this for a week but no one has reached out to me for an interview. Does anyone know how this actually work's at Dell's? Does it mean that I will get an interview? Any information would be helpful
  4. watersamy

    MGHIHP PNP Program

    Hi everyone, I'm considering applying to the MGHIHP PNP program this year. I'm currently working in a Partner's Hospital as an RN and I've already taken two classes there. Here is my concern. I absolutely need to be able to work at least part time while in school. Is this program doable part-time? I actually wanted to only take 1-2 classes max per semester. Can this be done? Is there anyone there that's gone thru this program part-time? Any advise would be really appreciated.
  5. watersamy

    Newton-Wellesley Hosp.

    Does anyone know what the hourly RN rate is for an experienced nurse (3 years) at the Newton Wellesley Hospital. I know its a union hospital owned by Partner's Health but I don't think the rates are that high. I notice that they have quite a few openings available. Does anyone know?
  6. watersamy

    Tele Certification

    I need to get Tele Certified. Does anyone know where I can take a certification class? They don't offer this certification at the hospital I'm working at now. I live in the Northshore area but I'm willing to go wherever its offered.
  7. Just an FYI if anyone is interested. I've found that the best site for ordering books is www.dealoz.com This site actually searches every other website online and returns the prices for each site so that you can choose the cheapest whether you're planning on buying or renting your books.
  8. watersamy

    Job and salary outlook for a new grad with an associate degree?

    Its tough out there for new grads right now whether or not you have your BSN. If finances are an issue 2 year community college route is the way to go and once you're gainfully employed, pursue an RN-BSN program. ADN Nurses will find employment in Home Health, Nursing Homes, Community Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers. Some find work at Boston Hospitals IF AND ONLY IF they are enrolled in an RN-BSN program.
  9. watersamy

    Fake nursing/CNA licenses or what?

    you need to also consider those CNA's who started working while they were in nursing school, but never actually finished nursing school. One clinical semester would have qualified them to work as CNA's so they would not be licensed.
  10. I'm an RN with a BSN & 1 year of nursing experience. I'm looking to break into pediatric nursing. I've been applying to absolutely every pedi or infant care job I can find in my area and then some. Haven't had one stitch of luck. I'm both PALS and NRP certified. My problem is that a lot of job openings require 1 year of pedi experience. Should I still be applying to these postings or don't I have a shot in &^%*. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  11. watersamy

    7 more weeks left, but feeling down.

    Quit your whinning and START CELEBRATING. ITS ALMOST OVER. YAYYYYY!!!!:)
  12. watersamy

    Unionized Massachusetts NPs?

    NP's working at any mass state hospital & centers are also covered by union under their own salary range and make more than RN's
  13. watersamy

    ADN vs. BSN in Boston

    I couldn't justify the cost of the BSN program either. I went the ADN route, was working at a rehab hospital as a CNA and they promoted me to an RN the minute I passed the NCLEX. I'm now enrolled at Curry College in their RN-BSN program and am using the tuition remission offered by my employer to pay for the classes. Its a win/win situation for me, although it may not appeal to others.
  14. watersamy

    Newly single mom....will nursing still work for me?

    I once worked with a nurse who had 5 children, all under the age of 12. She worked 2 - 16 hour shifts on the weekend only so that she could be home with her kids during the week. Working in a hospital per-diem is also an option so that you can pick up hours when you have someone to watch the kids. You can do it!
  15. watersamy

    New RN.. Where to get work with no experience

    Try the rehab hospitals, community hospitals and nursing homes. Community hospitals will post positions with "BSN preferred" vs. "BSN required" which gives them wiggle room. Spaulding Rehab in boston/cambridge also hires RN's with ASN's and has a great tuition-remission program if you decide to go back for your Bachelors.