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  1. Seth O Scope

    More kids skip school shots in 8 states

    This follows the all too common human way of thinking "it won't happen to me". Well what they don't realize is that it can and what parent can ever forgive themselves if their child dies from a disease that could've been prevented with a vaccine?
  2. Seth O Scope

    More Hospitals Banning Elective C-Sections

    You want to stop c sections just claim that children born through c section are more likely to become autistic and people will avoid them just like vaccines. I do think its a good thing what these hospitals are doing there is a reason why it takes time for a baby to be born and doing it early because it fits better into your schedule or whatever other selfish reason you have wont do the baby and good.
  3. Seth O Scope

    New name for nurses who are men

    When people say to me "so youre becoming a male nurse" I say "well I applied to be a female nurse, im keeping my fingers crossed".
  4. Seth O Scope

    Mayo: Smoke-Free Workplaces Prevent Heart Attacks

    Unlike a burger, smoking doesnt just affect you it affects people around you. I cant stand it when i'm walking down the street and the person in front of me is smoking and I get a cloud of smoke in my face every puff they take. So you dont want me to force my beliefs on you but you can force your second hand smoke on me? If you want to smoke go to some remote place where people dont frequent and do it there not on the streets.
  5. People want free healthcare and they want a 1:1 nurse pt. ratio, sure why not. Like it said in the article it's hard to please new yorkers even if you gave them their own private hospital with 3 doctors and 6 nurses they would still find something to complain about. My suggestion if for those not satisfied next time you have to go to the hospital catch the next flight out. Once your unsatisfied there you'll maybe figure out that it's not the hospitals but your expectations that are messed up.
  6. Seth O Scope

    Apparently 12 year olds can make their own medical decisions

    So the idea here is how "stupid" republicans are, right? I mean if a 12 year old can decide to get a vaccine that will protect her she should be able to decide to go to a tanning salon which can cause her harm.Ya I see the arguement, you liberals have to stop trying to make correlations between things that are completely different. Here i'll give you something to think about and protest. Why is it whenever the question of banning smoking comes up the pro-choice people go nuts yet noone seems to care that there is a law that we have to wear seatbelts? I should be allowed to drive without wearing a seatbelt! I know it makes it safer for me but how can you punish me (ticket) for not doing something that is in place for my safety?
  7. Seth O Scope

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    The logic is risk factor. Without vaccine you are more likely to contract and spread the flu where you will be sick for a week plus. Can anyone say for certain that you won't pass it on to your patients for sure? No! But simply put there's a greater risk if you're not vaccinated than if you are. Based on your philosophy why shouldn't people smoke I mean people who never smoked a day in their life still contracted lung cancer. Again the idea is risk factor and if you can't wrap your head around that logic than thinking logically isn't for you.
  8. Seth O Scope

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    The way I see it hospitals and schools make sure youve had your vaccines and sometimes you have to get a tetanus booster or some other shots. If thats what they require just do it and keep your mouth shut. Barring allergies I dont see any reason why someone shouldnt get the vaccine other than its a self empowerment issue by saying "you cant tell me what to do". If you dont like the rules just quit believe me the hospital doesnt need you as much as you need them. Put the ego aside and do as requested otherwise be ready to face the consequences. Bottom line is its about the patients and whether the hospital is doing it for the patients safety or to cover themselves from getting sued a rule is a rule and theres no two sides to it. If you have a hard time accepting the fact that your patients health is more important than your personal feeling on an issue youre in the wrong profession. And no you cant sue because you wont win. The hospital is not forcing you to get a shot in the sense that they are strapping you to a chair and sticking you with a needle. They make it part of the requirements of employment and if you dont want to listen you will get fired. Just like they can tell you that you cant take care of your patients in a bikini they can tell you that you cant take care of them without the flu shot.
  9. Seth O Scope

    Childhood diseases return as parents refuse vaccines

    Let's not forget these are the same parents who smoke around their kids, feed them fast food constantly, let them sit in front of a screen all day long, don't spend time with their kids thereby not gaining their kids respect which leads their kids to rebel and start doing drugs, drinking and having unprotected sex. But thank god they protected their kids from getting those terrible vaccines. And yes I know that not every parent is guilty of all these things but many are guilty of some of it and nitpicking on vaccines is just stupid and selfish.
  10. Seth O Scope

    Vancouver ER Nurse Writes Open Letter To Rioter

    Well said by that nurse. The fact that society has fallen so low that riots break out because the team didnt win is shocking to me! I'm all for supporting your team but lets be honest whether they win or lose shouldnt have that much of an affect on you and if it does seek psychological help.
  11. Seth O Scope

    Goodbye food pyramid; Welcome "My plate"

    Will the "my plate" meal be available at mcdonalds?
  12. Seth O Scope

    Childhood diseases return as parents refuse vaccines

    So those who believe vaccines are bad, where do you draw the line? Would you give your kids antibiotics? How about synthetic medicines? How about processed foods?
  13. Seth O Scope

    Childhood diseases return as parents refuse vaccines

    Just out of curiosity. What makes a vaccine "unnecessary"?
  14. Seth O Scope

    Beth Israel School of Nursing, 2011/2012 Applicants? NYC

    I don't remember exactly how long it took but I remember it took a while maybe like a month or so. I was very anxious during that time.
  15. Seth O Scope

    Beth Israel School of Nursing, 2011/2012 Applicants? NYC

    Well it is alot of work and depending on how many classes you are taking, work, family and school or extracurricular activities you just might find that free time is hard to find. Not trying to scare anyone just stating the truth.
  16. Seth O Scope

    Beth Israel School of Nursing, 2011/2012 Applicants? NYC

    Ya enjoy any free time you have now. Lol