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Hi So I'm a young, single, heterosexual male nurse, and I'm well aware that I'm somewhat of a minority, as most nurses are female, and the ones that aren't, are often gay (yes, I know that is just... Read More

  1. by   Pythinia
    Why does: 'Fiona59's 'overly religious types' always a counter reaction to 'proud gays and Lesbians' the latter so much better than the former. Tiresome.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from Fiona59

    I find they hypercritical, judgmental overly religious types harder to work with.

    I don't bring my sexuality or religious beliefs to work. Everyone gets a Merry Cristsmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Hogmanay from me.
    Amen to that, sister!
  3. by   amzyRN
    The fact that a person can be compassionate and caring is an attractive quality, for men and women. I think it is a myth that men don't have compassion and cannot be caregivers is wrong. Why would a male nurse not be "attractive". For me personally, I prefer a man who is caring and intelligent, so I'd date a doctor or a nurse. This assumes that most nurses and doctors do actually care about their patients, which I think is true.
  4. by   JasonBuzestes
    In my experience, its hit or miss. With female nurses, it doesn't seem to be as much an issue for obvious reasons. That said, some women are attracted to the classic "manly man" and being a male nurse takes away from that persona, but its really about confidence and ultimately attraction and the success of relationships are going to depend on a myriad of factors. I've also found it can be an advantage in some cases. Showing your feminine side (or at least appearing to have one) puts some women at ease and makes it easier to have a conversation, during which you may choose to highlight your more masculine characteristics.

    In the end it depends on each individual women. Some will care and others won't. I've never found it to be a problem.
  5. by   Pythinia
    So Lesbians and Gays are not 'hypercritical, judgemental or overly religious and harder to work with?
  6. by   Kendrick2
    Yes! You are right!
  7. by   nightbrightener
    I skimmed through the comments an the side topics and just to give you the perspective of a guy who did trade work (arborist, mason tender, landscaper). restaurant work( line cook, server, bartender) and now 9 years in as an RN. Chill man lol. Yes there are girls who will seek out and date police officers, firemen, service men etc... the same way there are guys who will only date blonds, certain builds/measurements, no kids etc.. but most people don't care, AT ALL. If you are employed, confident, competent, (and good looking helps) you'll be fine. Honestly as a straight male working in the RN field, it is a lot like working in the restaurant industry. Most of you are young, most are single, and most are up for grabbing a drink and hanging out. without getting too blunt, it can get downright incestuous at work on some floors lol. I am off the market now but it was umm, not a challenge to meet people as a male RN when I was single

    To put in in perspective... yeah we had a lousy GSW trauma, had to hold the guy down, we pulled a gun off him, he took a swing at one of our nurses and was psychotic so we tubed him to get him to CT. (sound feminine to you?) Or how about... I got to talk to a guy who did his 20 in the navy while we prepped him for surgery for his bowel blockage, he was serving during vietnam on a swift boat and had some interesting stories. It's perspective and to a lesser extent specialty that matters, not the RN field.

    I mean one of our ER RN's who is now one of our hospital educators was a marine sniper back in the day. I agree there is an appeal to most women for a guy to be masculine, but in my experience that means not whiny, able to take care of himself, works for a living and is confident, none of that is excluded by being an RN. If you really feel that insecure about the profession try getting into one of the specialties that tends to attract more men like TNU, ICU, ER, Flight RN, OR, just to name a few. And FWIW, I ride and wrench on a bike, rock climb, have some ink and piercings, still go sqweee when i see a kitten and like to cook and garden. it's not an either or thing, just relax

    and having done construction/tradework, one of the biggest things we complained about was the lack of women around us, so there's that lol
  8. by   elijahvegas
    chicks dig what they dig man. if someone thinks youre gay, i dont think its the fact that youre a nurse thats going to push them in that direction haha. ive found that whatever you do, as long as youre competent, knowledgable and even somewhat passionate about some aspect of what you do, women will respond positively to it. and from personal experience, women love hearing crazy hospital stories, so that just makes you more interesting than the average Joe Construction Beard, talking about how he tore up a "wicked piece of sidewalk" yesterday morning lol