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    I am a 44 year old male working as an electrician. Well, kind of working as there isnt much work. I was a corpsman in the US NAVY. I am considering a career change and becoming a nurse. I will be 45 or46 probably by the time I am done with schooling. So my question is since I will be so much older then the other nurses just starting out how will I be recieved by the hospital staff. I would enjoy nursing but I don't want to be treated like I have leparcy every day when I go to work. Any and all opinions are appreciated.

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    I'm a 20yr old pre-nursing student. My parents and family who are all around your age are worried about the same thing. I think there's a mixture of all ages in hospital settings but even if you are the oldest, I say go for it. I had a 65yr old woman at my school just graduate with her masters! It's never too late to continue your education
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    I graduated nursing school at 60, passed the NCLEX a month later, and got a job at a major hospital two months after that. I've been readily accepted as a colleague by the other nurses on the floor, even though I am one of the oldest employees. Everyone has been helpful and more than willing to help me hone my skills. Certainly no one has treated me like a leper.

    I'd advise you to work hard, keep an open mind, go out of your way to be helpful to others, and be receptive to those with more experience, even if they are much younger. If you do those things, I think you'll be readily accepted.

    Best of luck in your new career.
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    It shouldn't be a problem for you. Here in NYC, police and fire started nurses training after retiring, and were usually well received.
    Your medical corpsman experience is a plus for you.
    Good Luck !!
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    I graduated last 2008 with a guy from my class who is 45 years old and a former electrician. A personal experience with his mate who got really ill drove him to be totally committed to finishing the degree, and I would say he's one of the best I've seen. He's now doing Psych nursing.
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    I started my nursing career at 35 after working for 14 years as an electrician, and a short stint in the Army. I saw no age discrimination to speak of, many other new nurses are around our ages even, management was even intrigued by my story. As for working on the floor, most nurses seem to enjoy having a guy on the floor, and my work experience makes me the go to guy for any mechanical problems that come up.
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    I don't think you'll have any problem- if anything I think the life experience you have to draw from puts you in a great position - plus it's always nice to have male nurses on the floor!
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    I'm a 42 yrs guy who just graduated from LPN school.

    As far how I was accepted by other nurses, NOT a problem.
    If anything the other nurses and especially to have a male on the floor incase something went wrong with a bigger or combative patient. Not saying I didn't have to prove myself like any other new nurse on the floor.

    Actually I think I suprised myself and as well the charge nurse with my ability to mesh with the kids coming from peds overflow.

    Go for it!
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    I graduated nursing school at 46, after retiring from 25 years in "local government". I never had a problem being accepted, get along very well with my co-workers. You'll be fine.
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    there is age discrimination in nursing, but as a 40-something new grad, it won't apply to you. the age discrimination applies to the older nurse who is at the top of her or his pay scale . . . management can fire me and hire two new grads for the same money. but then they'd have two new grads to train, and not an experienced nurse who can precept, teach classes and handle anything that comes through the door. my current manager seems to appreciate that. previous managers not so much.

    good luck in nursing school -- i'd love us to hire some new grads with some life experience who won't be partying all night every night!
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