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Will finally be applying to RN and BSN programs winter of 2012/ Any tips and reccomendations are greatly appreciated!!! :)

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  1. armada14

    Spring 13 Goldfarb school of Nursing class

    I hope so! the only thing between me and this school is an ethics course I will be testing out of soon in a couple of weeks. After that I will hopefully attend on the 14th of Dec! My dad is gonna help me scope out a place to live haha
  2. armada14

    Spring 13 Goldfarb school of Nursing class

    Hi there twins! Same here! It will definitely be a different change for us! Developing postie support and study habits will get us a long way! Enjoy our time off now though, the dates are approaching faster than I expected :)
  3. armada14

    Spring 13 Goldfarb school of Nursing class

    Thanks for the reply! Thank you I appreciate it! Will let you know as I progress if you'd like!
  4. Hi there! Anyone else starting for the January spring 13 start date? Its right around the corner and was wondering if anyone would like to share their goals/plans for attending at the Washington campus. I will be moving from CA, anyone else? It would be great to touch base with other individuals :)
  5. armada14

    Question/advice from a pre-nursing guy

    You definitely sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and can cope with stress(if any). My program is just starting and the guys are definitely out numbered by females (1:6) but as long as you keep focused on yourself you will definitely reach your goals. People's stresses will definitely be voiced out in your classroom but I would try my best to not get too involved with their drama. Be supportive of your peers but don't let their problems become yours. The first person you can trust and support is yourself! But don't mix that up with selfishness Hope you no longer get discouraged and do well in your studies!
  6. armada14

    ELAC Nursing Fall 2012 :)

    Awesome! Thank you very much that is helpful!
  7. armada14

    Check your manliness at the door...

    Awesome thanks! I'm going to start nursing school in june and these are definitely great points to keep in mind :)
  8. armada14

    Barnes Jewish College Accelerated Summer 2012

    Congrats to you Liljd! Sorry I not accepted into their accelerated program but will hopefully be accepted into their upper division program. I just want to wish you good luck. I am also from California and will be working from the ground up in MO hopefully by 2013. good Luck :)
  9. armada14

    Barnes Jewish College of Nursing BSN program

    Thank you very much! This helps I'll contact them soon as well! Good luck to you as well! In the future I'd love to hear about your experience at barnes jewish college!
  10. armada14

    Barnes Jewish College of Nursing BSN program

    hello llezph! i'm not a student but also inquired about this as well not too long ago. the reply i received was from twins1_92. " also, i found out through a friend that the days vary by semester. right now she is in her 4th semester and goes m,t,w,th. i do not know the hours she goes though. she said that last semester she went monday through friday. that is all i have found out so far!" so i guess it varies on the classes outlined in the beginning. hope this helps a bit. i had a question for you as well. i applied in early november for the spring upper div bsn program. i know its full but im hoping to receive a letter of acceptance/declination soon. may i ask when you applied and how long it took for you to receive a letter of acceptance? thank you for your time!
  11. Im kinda ******. I literally just finished my first day as a Direct Care Professional (Im a caretaker for developmentally disabled adults). **Im a 20yr old pre-nurisng student** About my patient: -age 65, lives in an apartment complex with other mildly disabled individuals (my patient is severe) -6'2 (but shorter because he hunches, and weighs 215lbs) -can barely lift himself out of his wheel chair, non-motile unless has walker chair -diagnosed with: impulse control disorder, disruptive behavior disorer, seizure disorder, schizophrenia I had a great day with my patient. He was very cooperative. I helped him eat, consistently transported him to his room, back to the restroom, out to the patio/ so on and so on. He took his meds with no problem right before he fell asleep at 6pm. My shift was suppose to be over at 9:30pm and I was told he does not have 24hr support (the next staff's shift is @6am New Years day). 9:28pm- My patient wakes up, has to go pee. I transport him to the restroom, he stands up to pee and starts to pee before he even makes a complete stance. After he finished, I cleaned the little pee from his legs, washed him up, took him back to his room to change into fresh underwear/socks and he went back to bed. 9:45- I'm cleaning up his tiny mess of urine in the rest room and he calls from the room over and has to go pee again. I successfully transport him and he is able to urinate with no problem. I leave @9:58 after he is back in bed and knocked out. It really frustrates me that no staff is scheduled to be with him overnights. My company has overnight staff and I'm going to inquire with my supervisor tomrw morning as to why he doesn't have overnight staff? Im pretty sure he is going to have to go to the restroom at some point of the night. He can sure as hell fall and severely hurt himself, and pretty much develop some infection if he urinates/defacates on himself overnight without being changed or taken care of. I felt horrible that I had to leave and even called/txd my supervisor if I should leave or not(with no answer since new yrs eve I assume). What really ****** me off is that my supervisor told me earlier in the day that since it was my first day I could leave an hour earlier @8:30 if he was taken care of and in bed. This is my first day with this company...how long has this been going on? WTH!!? ***On a side note: Happy New Years everyone! I really appreciate all the hard work nurses of the world do. I really got a small taste of your hard work today (especailly the lifting part [i stand 5'9 at 145lbs where the pt. was 215lbs at 6'2 lol] I hope to get accepted into a program, and become a nurse very soon to join the rest of you! P.S--- sorry for my long rant!
  12. armada14

    career change question

    I'm a 20yr old pre-nursing student. My parents and family who are all around your age are worried about the same thing. I think there's a mixture of all ages in hospital settings but even if you are the oldest, I say go for it. I had a 65yr old woman at my school just graduate with her masters! It's never too late to continue your education
  13. armada14

    Barnes-Jewish College

    Wow thanks that is very helpful! Maybe I will get christmas acceptance letter lol. and yes if you can give me that admissions advisors info that would be great! if you can, my email is ahumada_armando@yahoo.com Thnk you very much twins!
  14. armada14

    Barnes-Jewish College

    Hello Twins!, sorry I dont have any answers to the questions you asked, but I think my application should be processed within the next few weeks (because my reference letter will be sent out this week). I'm am applying for Spring 12 upper division (which im sure is full already), but I was wondering when exactly did you apply? and how long did it take them to get back to you with their acceptance? I have pretty much all of the pre-reqs done except microbiology which will be finished in a couple of weeks. I have an overall GPA: of 3.5 and science gpa of about 3.4. I was wondering do you think I would be a good canidate? Thanks for any info! And if anyone has the answers to Twins questions that would be greatly appreciated! I would like to know the details as well
  15. Im not 100% sure if they will accept you for sure because I do not wanna be the reason you get denied lol, BUT it does say at the bottom of the flyer where the prices are listed in a box, " Pre-health or students currently enrolled in programs $45.00 Students (AAMN Members) $35.00 Professional (non members) $100.00 Professional (AAMN Members) $85.00 ***Registration on site is fee plus $10.00 * So yes I believe you can register at the conference. Good luck!
  16. hey there guys. anyone attending assembly for men in nursing conference in anaheim on nov 11/12? i am a pre nursing student at csula and not really sure what to expect. i wanna gain any new info and hopefully gain some new insight and info on applying to nursing schools for my future. maybe make a few connections with people who can point me in the right direction of awesome schools to apply to. any other students going? or any feedback would be cool. take care everyone.