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ELAC Nursing Fall 2012 :)


Hey everyone! Recently accepted into ELAC's nursing ADN program! I was hoping to hear from any past ELAC(East Los Angeles College) graduates/ or anyone who is familiar with their programs experiences with the school! this includes the school itself, environment, teachers and clinicals!

Does anyone know where ELACs clinicals takes place? Im very curious!

Thanks for reading! any info/incite is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations on getting in! You are in for a ride! Get ready to study study study!

Clinicals are completed at LA County, White Memorial, Garfield Medical, Watkins (Compton for your psych rotation) and I feel like I'm missing 1 more...

All I have to say is be prepare for every class and don't display any attitude! Also and most importantly, be flexible. Your schedule, classes might change last minute and there will be many "mandatory" meetings that come up. Just be patient and don't let that kind of stuff bother you. Because trust me, you will have other stuff to stress out about.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions :specs:

Awesome! Thank you very much that is helpful!

to armada14- how long after did they notify you that you got in the program? I heard its a lottery so its by chance on getting in. I applied for the Fall 2012 I think the one that was due in May 18 or something. Did they send you an email or letter inviting you for an interview or the next step?

Hello I recently got accepted into the same program and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide some information.

I work full time and would need to work while in school. I would love to hear how they assign classes and exactly how many days a week you need to attend school or clinic. My employer is willing to work with me as long as I can provide actual days I can be here in the office.