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Can a male nurse work in home health? I've always had jobs where I go house to house, and that was my favorite type of observation time when doing pta shadowing. But can a male actually work as a nurse doing home health? ... Read More

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    <----- did home-health for a multitude of patients for several years right after nursing school and after becoming a seasoned nurse. in addition, at one point i had 2 home-health cases at the same time one full time and the other part-time, then i became the assistant of the agency where i work for. lastly, i finished my msn and decided to take the offer from the facility where i presently work, here in honolulu hawaii

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    Do you know who Stephen Hawkingis? The most acclaimed scientist since Albert Einstein, yet whileproviding home health care to him, his female nurse divorcedher husband and married herpatient. Sounds like a boundaryviolation to me.

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