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So I'm a nursing student and my instructor today said "A man must have been teaching in the classroom! It's a mess!" She also went on about how most male nurses are sloppy and messy. I was like... Read More

  1. by   kool-aide, RN
    I like to keep my rooms tidy. My coworkers claim they do, also. My coworkers and I have differing definitions of "tidy." Haha
  2. by   Lmomma
    I am an LPN student, and I can tell you that the men in my program are anything but! I think that was a rude statement
  3. by   ANnot4me
    Quote from Bluebolt
    I'm a male nurse who has always been slightly OCD about an organized space. Everything has it's place and I put it there. I still hate to vacuum and do laundry, but as long as the clothes are dirty and in the hamper and not on the floor, I'm cool. As a nurse I am usually organized in my room because I want to find what I want right away. I don't want the families to come in and believe the patient is not being cared for well. Their perception is reality and a messy room immediately makes family feel uneasy. It also makes the nurse seem scatter brained or even like they don't care about the environment.
    I have found that males and females can be messy, it's open to both genders. Although I will say there probably are slightly more guys I know who don't worry as much about a clean or tidy patient room, or chart.

    I agree and when I was at the bedside, I usually arrived early and tidied the nurses station and then the med room. After handover, as I rounded on each patient, I tidied the mess left by the patients, families and previous nurses. I cannot work in a mess and a mess has no gender.

    In a work environment, it is just disrespectful to others not to pick up after yourself.
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