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  1. What to expect for salary

    Thank you all for your comments I will find out more on Wednesday when i go to view the classroom and ask more specifically about salary. I don't mind if it's a bit less just can't be too incredibly low
  2. What to expect for salary

    Hello fellow nurses, a question Not sure if this is the right forum, but I am looking at a job as a special needs school nurse in an educational collaborative. It is in a special needs classroom overseeing 4 students, tending to their medical needs a...
  3. Thank you! Are there a lot of addiction centers or rehab opportunities?? I love addictions nursing
  4. Thanks Everyone. Looks like I'm not gonna be looking at Florida. Guess I'll figure something else out
  5. How is the salary range compared to cost of living?? I never thought of indiana, hmmmm
  6. Hello fellow nurses! I'm a new LPN (just under one year experience in detox/psych nursing) trained and currently working in Massachusetts. I am looking to possibly make a move to the state of North Carolina. My husband has family there and the cost o...
  7. Why is that? No I didn't look for other threads I honestly never thought to,
  8. I am looking for some input from fellow LPNs Please! I'm an LPN currently licensed and working in the state of Massachusetts. The cost of living here is making it pretty impossible to support my family on my salary (I make 46000 a year). I am hoping...
  9. Attention New Nurses in LTC. Night shift is where it's at.

    Moreover, day shift staff usually straggled in 30 minutes late because "the daycare center doesn't open any earlier," so my 8-hour shifts were actually 9 to 10 hours each due to waiting for the oncoming nurse to arrive. I['m sorry but that's awful. I...
  10. New grad needs resume help! Skills?

    Hello all I graduated from LPN school on June 18th, and passed my NCLEX on July 30th. August 7th the BON listed my license so I am FINALLY ready to go out and find a job. I dont' know what to put under "skills" for my resume. My previous resume was ...
  11. Finally retaking** nervous

    Good luck! I would do a good few weeks of intensive study prior to testing, Just passed my NCLEX and it was tough but I studied a ton. HUGS

    When do you graduate?? Good luck :)

    I feel the same way. I'm so nervous I don't want to fail the NCLEX, ad I'm so scared of being a new nurse. Very excited tho!

    Get yourself into a routine before school starts. You will be so thankful for it. I had a hard time adjusting to full time school and 2 kids and trying to juggle dr and therapy schedules for them, along with all the studying and papers. Also, find ...
  15. Nursing: I Almost Gave Up...Before I Even Started

    Congrats on getting your RN! that is awesome I would not rule out starting at a LTC facility as a way to get some experience. Many people start this way for a year or so. May not be ideal but it's a way to start Good luck