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  • Jun 12

    While I understand Ned's context on this subject, I have been where you are many, many times.
    I have heard CNAs telling patients they are the nurse. I've had them be rude and lazy. But now after a long time dealing with that, I work in the NICU and we don't use CNAs. So instead of spending my time being diplomatic and understanding of this behavior, I can now use all the extra time taking more care of my patients.

  • Jan 31

    It's all been said before. But when you go to work and there are 22 "well" babies with 2 nurses, which is against national guidelines, and you somehow manage to get through the shift(12 hours of hell and tears)because the 2 nurses are literally super nurses, management expects you can do it AGAIN.
    These 2 nurses didn't do anyone in our profession any favors.
    I have gotten phenomenal results calling the corporate hotline. The hospital has to address the charges.
    Seriously I have successfully changed things with that method and anonymous
    letters to JCHAO work wonders.
    Fight this way and we may win the battle.
    I have won many and have seen lots of changes as a result.