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    Hey all! I have received a call for an interview for an ER position and stoked! I have been a nurse for almost 7 years with OR/PACU, Rehab, and Med/Surg experience. So this is a new field for me but want it so badly. Could any experienced ER nurses, managers, or recruiters give some tips and advice for this position that you value in a nurse?

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    I am finding that out now! Just frustrating really. It doesnt help that sometimes my bosses are part of the secret keeping. I am starting to accept that you can't make everyone happy.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I was going to check out some books to help with management roles. I feel like half of it comes down to a bunch of women that aren't fond of eachother and I am the 'nice' one caught in the middle. And the "do not tell xyz" has nothing to do with patient care. Absolutely patients come first. These have something to do with social events outside of work. Don't tell xyz about the baseball game, don't tell xyz that only so and so are invited. Then pics get posted on social sites, and feelings get hurt. Ugh... Aren't I too old for that?

    Then other half of my problem is trying to figure out whether something is important enough to bring up to management. How do you know what to filter? If there is an issue going on between staff members, that COULD blow over given a week or two. Is it something you bring to their attention? Also, do you bring up an idea of improvement when one nurse complains about it? Or wait until there is a more general consensus before you bring it to their attention? That sort of thing. We are a surgery center with about a dozen staff.

    And if you have dealt with this personally, how do you best separate that with being their charge nurse at work, and their buddy outside of work? Do you hold back on some of the social events to maintain that role? Does being their buddy ever jeopardize it?

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    I've been a nurse for about 5 years now. The last 2 years in an ambulatory surgery center with 2 OR's and am designated as the go to nurse for questions or concerns in the pre/post-op area, also the person management goes to for any communication for the rest of the staff.

    My problem is this. I have a hard time speaking my mind when it comes to having a difference of opinions. I'm the type of person that tells people what they want to hear, or sugar coats my true feelings about something. I don't like to say something unless it effects patient care of course. When people dislike eachother, I always stay in a neutral position. I've done pretty well with that until management has been looking to me as the leader in the PACU the last few months. I am the only nurse that is able to work in both areas. And if it is like this anywhere else, there is a little segregation between OR and PACU. OR tells me things not to tell PACU, and vice versa. And I feel like it's catching up to me. I was offered a management positon a few months ago but would have needed to pick up more hours. I turned it down. My annual review is coming up in the summer and I hope to be offered the position again since that title wasn't offically given to anyone else. So there's a little back story.

    I feel I don't bring up things that aren't working well or could be improved to management, for fear that they may not think it's a valid issue and I and the rest of the nurses should just deal (just kind of how I grew up). I already know my communication need improvement. And I need to break this and learn to speak up! I just don't want to make anyone mad for being the idea or cause for any change people may not agree with right away. Having absolute 0 experience in Ambulatory Surgery and then being offered a management position in less than 2 years, I know they see something in me. There has been a nurse who has been there a year. She is known as the complainer, an exaggerator. Will bring up the littlest issue or complain about the littlest thing to management, but majority of the time, she is just venting. I can sense the annoyance she brings them. But I feel like managment is getting to a point they rather have someone that actually communicates than a complete mute like myself! (Now Im exaggerating!). I know having the ability to speak up is a quality management likes to see. So I need to break this feeling or else opportunities for growth are passing me by!

    Please help!
    Tell me your personal experiences or thoughts especially if you are in management!

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    Elf: "I am being discriminated I tell you. I can't reach anything, not even my call light!"
    Nurse: "It's right next to your hand."

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    Hi Purplechicxiii, I am very excited that I have an interview this friday for a position as a Ophthalmic nurse. I have been trying to get into a surgery center forever! Responsibilities include pre-op, post-op, and circulating in the OR. Any advice for the interview? How does the pay compare to the hospital pay? I know the pay is different in different areas, I just feel so blind when it comes to asking for a pay rate. I'd love to talk to you more about this!

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    Hi everyone. I have finally recieved a call back to interview for a position as a RN in the cosmetics field! I've been trying to enter this specialty but have found it a bit challenging for someone with no experience in Aestetics. The positing was a little discrete, but listed a search for clinical support for vascular and cosmetic procedures. I've done my research about the company and the procedures they do, etc. Any tips for a successful interview here? Any questions I should ask?

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    How embarrassing..

    So I really didn't think too much of it, until I gave it some more thought. 6 days ago, while at work, I was removing a hep-lock. Somehow, blood splattered on my eyelid. I took my contacts out and rinsed my eyes with water. I really wasn't 100% sure I even got anything in there. Well, it was end of shift and I am new at this facility. I am PRN and have been cancelled so I haven't been back since then. So this has really started to worry me the last couple days. What if I did get something in my eye? I have a family, I need to be good for myself before I can be good for them. After confiding in another nurse, I called the supervisor and explained all this to her. DON is gone for the day and will get back to me tomorrow. I'm sure I will get blood drawn and prophylaxis meds. I guess I'm just looking for advice here. Anyone been through an exposure? Do you think things like this happen quite frequently? Could I get fired for this since I did wait almost a week to even say anything? The patient has no history of Hep or HIV. Patient had surgery for a Subdural Hematoma. Are patients always tested prior to surgical procedures? Anyway...

    I feel silly, and embarrassed. Know I won't wait if it ever happens again....

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    Yea, I figured it will drop if or when I change over to full or part time. Just seeing what kind of cuts some nurses experienced. Thank you!

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    Just wondering if anyone that started out working a PRN position, then switch to part or full time in the same facility experience a paycut and how much? Thanks

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    Thanks for slowing down my rocking chair! I secured my position today

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    I dont think a credit score of 600 is horrible. More like Fair? You can still get loans, but you're looking at a high interest rate like you said. Also, why fly to Korea to teach? What about searching for positions in the hospitals as an interpeter. As far as St. Louis goes, I know someone who worked for a hospital as an interpreter for $20/hr. Also, if you plan on working while going to nursing school, hospital usually offer tuition assistance. You are not out of luck! Most people graduate college with school loans in the 5 figures.

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    Thanks Ashley. It is what it is. Can't change what happened. It was a verbal acceptance. I usually do stay, I guess it was sitting for hours - and not know what time it was. I had to be home by a certain time since my caretaker for my daughters was only available until 3. I recieved this mail flyer the night before the open house. Otherwise I would have made other arrangements so I had an unlimited amount of time to be away. Oh well, just looking for some words of encouragement even though the outcome might not bw what I hope!

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    I have been offered a PRN position in St. Louis, MO. Just wanted to know what the rates are as PRN based on the 4 questions below:

    How much do you make per hour (RN or LPN)?

    What city do you work in?

    What specialty?

    How many years have you been a nurse?


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    Thank you, very good point! I am removing this statement. Although, as of today, I have been offered a job! Hooray!