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Job Offer


Hi all. Anyone able to give some insight. After the interview, I was offered a job and I accepted. This was an open house to a new facility so there were probably a dozen job offers by todays end. The next step was to meet human resources to set up drug screening etc. As we were on our way to HR, another employee said there were a few people waiting, so I had to option to wait or they could call me to get it set up later. I stated I could get it set up over the phone. So as I'm driving, i am now worried I won't get the job because I simply didnt wait. (I had aready been waiting 2 hours for the interview). Any DON or HR people ever recanted a job offer fo something like this? Or anyone recieve a job offer that wasn't followed through? Sorry for this silly post, it will just bother me all night.

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Did you sign an acceptance letter or just verbally accept? If it was just verbal, that offer can be recanted for any reason between now and when you sign an official offer letter. That means even if you had done a drug screen and a physical they could still withdraw the job offer if you have not signed an offer letter.

That being said, it's highly unlikely that they would offer you a job, give you the option to set up over the phone, and then not give you the job because you chose that option. Just doesn't make sense. If you're concerned, call them the next time they are open and set up the screening as soon as you are able.

If it helps, I was verbally offered and verbally accepted my current position in April. But because I hadn't graduated and wasn't licensed yet (and lived in another state) I couldn't start until several months later. It was July before I signed an offer letter and started work.

I would have stayed to get it over with but, you never know it might not be a problem.

see the "want to curl up in a ball and cry" thread. get it in writing.

Thanks Ashley. It is what it is. Can't change what happened. It was a verbal acceptance. I usually do stay, I guess it was sitting for hours - and not know what time it was. I had to be home by a certain time since my caretaker for my daughters was only available until 3. I recieved this mail flyer the night before the open house. Otherwise I would have made other arrangements so I had an unlimited amount of time to be away. Oh well, just looking for some words of encouragement even though the outcome might not bw what I hope!

Thanks for slowing down my rocking chair! I secured my position today :)