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Is Volunteering "Worth It"?

I volunteered as a student nurse because it was mandatory, I also volunteered as a RN after my job search proved unsuccessful. Here on, I’ve seen others ask whether volunteering is “worth it”. Well it depends. Allow me to explain what volunteering is all about based on my own personal experience. Hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and what volunteering (potentially) has to offer you. Research It took me over a year of job searching as a RN to finally... Read More →

Only in New York

It was 3 AM on the first day of Summer in New York City, I was taking the subway home after working a grueling 12 hours in the emergency department. You must be wondering about the kind of people I run into on the train at that hour. Up until recently, it wasn't anyone I would consider particularly special. But that changed after I was nearly robbed for my phone and who else but "Scratchy" a familiar (homeless) patient, came to my rescue. I was playing Sudoku on my phone as I typically do... Read More →

YouTube Nurses and Nursing Students. My Top 10 List.

I have benefited from Youtube both as a Nursing student and as a RN. It has helped me to better understand ABG's (Arterial Blood Gasses), prepare for interviews, and deal with professional challenges such as time management. User discretion is advised however, whether one is posting videos or watching them it is important to respect HIPAA laws. Youtube may also be a great studying tool but it's vital to make sure the information provided is in fact correct by cross referencing and/or asking a... Read More →

House of Hypochondriacs; How I became a Nurse.

'Tis healthy to be sick sometimes. -Henry David Thoreau I come from a big family, we all lead busy lives but we make sure to celebrate holidays together. I mean who wants to miss out on delicious food, loud laughs, and of course countless health complaints. Each sign and symptom ups the ante "I'll see your back ache and raise you a migraine"! This may seem morbid but its mellifluously normal at our dinner table a fact my husband had difficulty understanding initially. After his first... Read More →

Online, but not Out of Touch

The faculty said the Associates degree nursing program was "extremely vigorous" but if you ask me that was putting it lightly. While my friends went to sandy beaches for spring break I stood home surrounded by mountains of flash cards, textbooks, and enough anxiety to make a Buddhist monk pull his hair out (if he had any). I was determined to succeed as a nursing student but there were still times when I wasn't sure how I was going to pass the semester. Nevertheless, thanks to a great... Read More →

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