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    The Big Bad Patient who huffed and puffed and expectorated the nurse's immune defenses down

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    I'm starting my first shift orientation in an LTACH after working in long term care facility for 2 years and 4 months . I was told that I will be fine by my nurse educator because she told me that nurses coming from ltc have great time management and transition to LTACH. I hope that's true. If anyone can give me advise, I would appreciate it.

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    Moving into the Bay Area and planning to work in a skilled nursing facility in a subacute rehab wing and was wondering what is a competitive salary for the Bay Area? Also, what facilities are best to work at in terms of benefits, work environment, etc.?

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    Thanks for this article. I feel it has opened up the discussion on this issue that is pushed back from our minds. I work with the elderly and I didn't really think of any agitation and restlessness on their part as attributed to pain. I will try to be more mindful now.

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    Quote from Xlorgguss
    I would take this question as meaning which fields have the most use of technology and require learning of those particular skills? If that's the case some areas that come to mind include critical care (working with various lines, CRRT, vents, etc), dialysis (although my only experience was a shadow day), and perhaps some OR stuff like being an RNFA? I base that solely due to the additional skills required for those unique specialties. There is probably other specialties that I have no experience with that likely have a high technical aspect to it as well.
    Agreed. I work in long term care and the patients are stable. It's not very hard like the knowledge and technical skills needed to work as a critical care nurse.

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    It is not easy at all! Not a licensed practical nurse but I work in long term care and do the same type of work. I think other posters said it already. It is exhausting to work in long term care.

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    All the best with your new job. It's tough to quit any job that involves geriatric patients because over time we form attachments to them.

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    My base rate is $21 per hour

    my weekly stipend is $820

    meals are $220 per week
    lodging is $580 per week
    travel stipend is $500

    When I accounted how much each variable cost per hour
    it amounts to $41 per hour

    net income after taxes is $1435

    i have to find my own housing

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    It's about $1240 before taxes if I work only 40 hours per week

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    Hi guys,

    I have one year and five months of experience as a long term care nurse.

    I've recently decided to try travel nursing and this agency offered me an assignment for a long term care position in Santa Maria, CA.

    I will be working in this facility on their subacute floor. 1 nurse to 20 patients on noc shift. It is 8 hours shift 5 days a week.

    They offered me $41/hour and $820 weekly stipend. My net income after taxes will be $1435. Basically asking is this a good offer? What else should I consider when discussing my pay package?

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    I'm not burnt out of nursing because I'm in a pretty low stress speciality: long term care. I'm stressed about something else which is getting somewhere else. I'm tired of working this speciality and desire for going to the hospital

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    Passed the one-year mark feels good! I graduated in may 2015 and landed first job after passing nclex RN on first try in August. Got let go after three months during my first nursing home which wasn't a good fit for me anyway and have been at my current and second nursing home job for almost one year, this December 17 will be my one year at my second job. At first, the pace of the nursing home environment was crazy and I never thought I could handle everything I had to do but it's better now. After working long enough i got used to the pace and gained some valuable skills and knowledge. I enjoy being a nurse most days and hope to continue my career in long term care.

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    It means they are processing your application.

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    Try long term care facilities like nursing homes. I found nursing in this area to be very good and more slow pace for new grads. I'm oenly 1 year and three months from being a nurse and worked only in nursing homes and it's been great! I can practice some skills at a pace I can manage. You learn time management as well as delegation skills. You work with a predominately elderly population which helps a lot with hospital job in future because most patients who are hospitalized are elderly... you practice on your medication administration skills learn to be quick at it with time. It's a good place to start

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    Long term care or assisted living probably requires the same basics in nursing school such as medication administration. Maybe you could consider brushing up on basic assessment skills and also figure out how to do some procedures such as giving tube feedings through peg.