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    I'm a geriatrics nurse relocating from NJ to Northern California to live with my boyfriend. I am seeking employment in mainly nursing homes and subacute facilities as I am familiar with these facilities after previously working in them. I am open to other avenues of employment though. I conjured this resume draft one afternoon and my boyfriend thinks it's fine but I just want to know what others might think...


    A conscientous registered nurse committed to providing exceptional patient care with a holistic approach in an organization, acquiring new skills along the way

    03/2016 - Present Healthcare facility3, xxxxx, NJ
    Per Diem RegisteredNurse
    Provide nursing care rotating through the long term care and subacute units on NOC shift. Instruct and manage up to 3 unlicensed assistive personnel in coordination of the residents' care.

    12/2015 - Present Healthcare facility2 , xxxxx, NJ
    Responsible for total resident care within the Long Term Care unit and management of the unit. Perform nursing duties during the NOC shift such as medication administration, completing treatments, chart checks, filing, reordering medications, replenishing the stock room with supplies, replacing and dating for weekly tubings,
    and completing unfinished tasks from previous shifts

    • Provide rapid response to emergency situations such as respiratory distress
    • Apply my leadership skills and knowledge while orienting new staff members

    08/2015 - 11/2015 Healthcare facility1, xxxxxx, NJ
    Staff Nurse with charge responsibilities in a 60-bed floor that is serving both long term care and subacute patients. Gained experience and honed my skills in the areas of direct patient care, staff supervison and education, and communication with family members as well as other medical professionals. Responsibilties encompassed admission assessments, care planning and discharge teaching.

    Licensure andCertification
    New Jersey Registered Nurse License #xxxxxx Renewal: May 2017
    California Nurse License #xxxxx Renewal: November 2017
    Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR/AED Certification for Health Care Providers, American Heart Association (AHA) Renewal: July 2017
    American Red Cross Certificate (Disaster Health Services) Million Hearts Fellow Certificate (National Program DHHS)

    2010 - 2015[FONT=-webkit-standard]. Xxxxxx university [/FONT], Xxxxx, NJ
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing GPA:3.74


    Offer skills related to equipment and functional areas including the following:
    IV pumps​wound care
    feeding pumps​management of stable ventilators
    Pyxis​tracheostomy care
    pulse oximeter​indwelling urinary catheter care
    ostomy care​nephrostomy care

    Operate computers using Microsoft Word and office equipment including fax machines and copiers

    ​​ Available on request

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    Quote from emman1019
    Are u an internationally educated nurse?
    Nope I'm educated in U.S.

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    I applied in March 25, 2016

    received my permanent California RN license 09/26

    it took 6 months

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    I do not shower before work. I do shower after. I feel it helps me unwind and keeps me clean from the germs that touched me airborne or microscopic whatever lol

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    That would depend on the school though I don't see why they wouldn't recognize the new grade. Getting a B after getting an F shows preserverance, self reflection and resilience to adversity. You worked hard the second time and should be recognized for it

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    that is strange. Someone obviously didn't do the background check smh. That hospital is forever slandered. It's Human Resources department needs a makeover!

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    That sucks. RN with bachelors degree here in east coast. Making $30+. Further your education.

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    My LTC facility is also terribly understaffed as well. I pick up double shifts 2-3x a week but always try to get day off after doing a double to recharge. Doing back to back doubles is not that point judgment wanes. Don't feel at all obligated to sign up because of their situation. They won't have your back if you make a terrible mistake that cost your license...

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    I would do it again as well.

    I think whether or not nursing is hard is subjective. Some people study better than others. For me, it was hard. It
    was the hardest thing I've ever completed so far. The material was a lot and the pace to master the material was
    very fast. I spent a lot of my time in the library or in my room studying. I had no social life...

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    I used the Hurst review and I combined that with book learning with Saunders comprehensive review for nclex-RN

    I made sure I practiced answering at least 75 questions per day since the minimum amount of questions is 75 to pass

    good luck

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    That is so crazy! Are you sure it takes two months for them to verify the hard scan fingerprints? I sent mine like within a week of receiving the fingerprint scans. Its been 2 months but no word yet. My status is still pending.

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    1) Are you applying for license-by-exam/endorsement? Endorsement
    2) Date application was filed? 05/25
    3) Number of weeks since you applied? 10
    4) Electronic/paper? electronic
    5) For those who are applying for license-by-exam: school you graduated from California/other in the US N/A
    6) Your home state of residency: California/other US state NJ
    7) Hiccups with the BRN you've experienced? None, I just wait painstakingly
    8) Remedies you've tried to get your application processed None
    9) Do you have a job/contract with a deadline that you need this license for? Nope, I plan on applying for jobs once I get my license!

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    I am eagerly waiting for endorsement too. I'm from NJ. I applied for endorsement online on May 25, 2016. I got my fingerprint hard card
    about within 10 days. Sent my 2x2 identification photo with a letter like 2 weeks after applied online because I forgot I needed to send the 2x2 photo. I was wondering if I need to send the 2x2 photo with a print-out of my online application or is the letter I sent with my photo okay? I provided my social security number in my letter. If not, I will just send the photo again. I noticed one week ago they started to process applications from March 16-31! Its been two months but I'm patiently waiting. I hope it doesn't take to 5-6 months like someone hear says. -_-

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    I think the "putting my license at risk" is so overdone. If you go to work and do your job right, you should have no fear of losing your license. If you go to work and you get the supervisor involved in any issue you have at work, you should be okay. I always bring the attention up the chain of command and make sure I document anything that goes on and leave many FYI to doctors on their answering service. I try to cover my butt always. LTC is not perfect and it can't always be a good ratio for nurses since most patients are stable and just confused. Have confidence in yourself and do your best or start looking but most nursing home are run the same way

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    Okay that is terrible! I can't believe that is the practice at your facility. Quickly, apply to other places while staying at your job so you can be paid. Try your best for the patients and by the way, if supervisor tells you to do something and you think it's against your judgment as a prudent nurse, don't be afraid to go right over her head! It's your license at risk! One trick I use is when the supervisor Advise me to do something I don't think is right I tell the family what is going on with their family member and get the family riled up to demand to bring their family to hospital and then connect the phone line to supervisor to speak to them. After the supervisor speak to family member they have no choice but to be okay to sending patient out of facility. Of course after that you call the doctor to get the real order for the hospital evaluation but that's how it works. The supervisor would never go against family wishes because they know their butt is on the line in a lawsuit if they go against family wishes