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    It is not easy at all! Not a licensed practical nurse but I work in long term care and do the same type of work. I think other posters said it already. It is exhausting to work in long term care.

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    All the best with your new job. It's tough to quit any job that involves geriatric patients because over time we form attachments to them. 😞

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    My base rate is $21 per hour

    my weekly stipend is $820

    meals are $220 per week
    lodging is $580 per week
    travel stipend is $500

    When I accounted how much each variable cost per hour
    it amounts to $41 per hour

    net income after taxes is $1435

    i have to find my own housing

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    It's about $1240 before taxes if I work only 40 hours per week

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    Hi guys,

    I have one year and five months of experience as a long term care nurse.

    I've recently decided to try travel nursing and this agency offered me an assignment for a long term care position in Santa Maria, CA.

    I will be working in this facility on their subacute floor. 1 nurse to 20 patients on noc shift. It is 8 hours shift 5 days a week.

    They offered me $41/hour and $820 weekly stipend. My net income after taxes will be $1435. Basically asking is this a good offer? What else should I consider when discussing my pay package?

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    I'm not burnt out of nursing because I'm in a pretty low stress speciality: long term care. I'm stressed about something else which is getting somewhere else. I'm tired of working this speciality and desire for going to the hospital

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    Passed the one-year mark feels good! I graduated in may 2015 and landed first job after passing nclex RN on first try in August. Got let go after three months during my first nursing home which wasn't a good fit for me anyway and have been at my current and second nursing home job for almost one year, this December 17 will be my one year at my second job. At first, the pace of the nursing home environment was crazy and I never thought I could handle everything I had to do but it's better now. After working long enough i got used to the pace and gained some valuable skills and knowledge. I enjoy being a nurse most days and hope to continue my career in long term care.

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    It means they are processing your application.

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    Try long term care facilities like nursing homes. I found nursing in this area to be very good and more slow pace for new grads. I'm oenly 1 year and three months from being a nurse and worked only in nursing homes and it's been great! I can practice some skills at a pace I can manage. You learn time management as well as delegation skills. You work with a predominately elderly population which helps a lot with hospital job in future because most patients who are hospitalized are elderly... you practice on your medication administration skills learn to be quick at it with time. It's a good place to start

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    Long term care or assisted living probably requires the same basics in nursing school such as medication administration. Maybe you could consider brushing up on basic assessment skills and also figure out how to do some procedures such as giving tube feedings through peg.

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    Thanks for this inspirational post

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    I like working in nursing homes. It's fulfilling and the work is steady. If you don't like being a nurse, then find something you like or if you need the income work part time while working at a job you may like. My colleague works as a nurse four times a week and then works at a gift shop. He loves doing that because it's a nice break from nursing. It's okay..

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    I feel incompetent too. The other night at work I had a resident who was agitated, turning her remote to tv and raising volume, yelling she wanted to go home. I took her vital signs and it was okay except her pulse ox was 75% on room air. Also noticed she was on tobradex for her right eye which she had surgery on earlier on the week. I didn't think anything of it and just put her on 2l of O2 and her pulse ox went to 88-91%. I just left her like that. Then when the day nurse came and put her on nonrebreather and called 911. I'm beating myself up because I didn't do that. I don't know why I didn't think to send her out. She wasn't unconscious or anything in the morning but just irritated on 2L of O2.

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    I love long term care. You should give it a try. The pace isn't too bad, like someone else said, you are able to get a routine down eventually. There is predictability because you know the residents. It's hard work if you work day or evening shift but as you know their meds and treatments you will be able to manage your work better. I'm able to pick up a lot of overtime working long term care so you can really make $$$ if you put in the hours. The residents are quirky and have much wisdom. Hope you consider it. It's a great specialty for new grads to hone their skills in assessment.

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    I'm a geriatrics nurse relocating from NJ to Northern California to live with my boyfriend. I am seeking employment in mainly nursing homes and subacute facilities as I am familiar with these facilities after previously working in them. I am open to other avenues of employment though. I conjured this resume draft one afternoon and my boyfriend thinks it's fine but I just want to know what others might think...


    A conscientous registered nurse committed to providing exceptional patient care with a holistic approach in an organization, acquiring new skills along the way

    03/2016 - Present Healthcare facility3, xxxxx, NJ
    Per Diem RegisteredNurse
    Provide nursing care rotating through the long term care and subacute units on NOC shift. Instruct and manage up to 3 unlicensed assistive personnel in coordination of the residents' care.

    12/2015 - Present Healthcare facility2 , xxxxx, NJ
    Responsible for total resident care within the Long Term Care unit and management of the unit. Perform nursing duties during the NOC shift such as medication administration, completing treatments, chart checks, filing, reordering medications, replenishing the stock room with supplies, replacing and dating for weekly tubings,
    and completing unfinished tasks from previous shifts

    • Provide rapid response to emergency situations such as respiratory distress
    • Apply my leadership skills and knowledge while orienting new staff members

    08/2015 - 11/2015 Healthcare facility1, xxxxxx, NJ
    Staff Nurse with charge responsibilities in a 60-bed floor that is serving both long term care and subacute patients. Gained experience and honed my skills in the areas of direct patient care, staff supervison and education, and communication with family members as well as other medical professionals. Responsibilties encompassed admission assessments, care planning and discharge teaching.

    Licensure andCertification
    New Jersey Registered Nurse License #xxxxxx Renewal: May 2017
    California Nurse License #xxxxx Renewal: November 2017
    Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR/AED Certification for Health Care Providers, American Heart Association (AHA) Renewal: July 2017
    American Red Cross Certificate (Disaster Health Services) Million Hearts Fellow Certificate (National Program DHHS)

    2010 - 2015[FONT=-webkit-standard]. Xxxxxx university [/FONT], Xxxxx, NJ
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing GPA:3.74


    Offer skills related to equipment and functional areas including the following:
    IV pumps​wound care
    feeding pumps​management of stable ventilators
    Pyxis​tracheostomy care
    pulse oximeter​indwelling urinary catheter care
    ostomy care​nephrostomy care

    Operate computers using Microsoft Word and office equipment including fax machines and copiers

    ​​ Available on request