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    Living alone offers endless opportunities. You will learn how to take care of yourself.

    Namaste. Let us know how it's going.

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    Utilization review/management is a chess game between the facility and the insurer.
    You will need to pick you pawn. Are you going to work for the hospital.. or the insurance company? Either position pays the same. You will be evaluating medical necessity for admission.
    Thinking that if you can get a position within your facility... go for it. I work on the insurance side... I live to deny payment.

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    A classic case of bullying. Nurse manager is on a power trip. Nurse manager will not only get away with it, she will now turn her attention onto YOU.

    HR is NEVER your friend. Finish your year there... start looking for another position... NOW.

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    Quote from CountryMomma
    The thing is, OP had 2 nights/days to adjust her sleep schedule - she didn't *have to* stay up/ not sleep. Does that change anything for you?
    "I had one night to try and totally change my sleep schedule. " OP struggled the entire weekend to prepare for Monday morning. She could not change her circadian rhythm that quickly . She is also so dedicated, she is concerned about how to call off.

    Does THAT change anything for YOU?

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    You can be charged with abandonment if you get report.. then refuse.
    Agency nurses are expected to function with minimal training to the unit. That is why they get the big bucks.

    Nobody cares that you cant "pump" You are agency... deal with it.

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    3-11 is my preferred shift . I did find some facilities that staffed with 8 hour periods. Keep looking!
    I worked 7 p- 7a , for me it was a nightmare. My circadian rhythm could not adjust and I slept the entire time I was off.
    You may have another experience. I have friends that love the night shift.

    The differential will vary by geographical area 2 or 3$. Who cares? No amount of money will get me back on night shift.

    Good luck, let us know where you landed.

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    I hold a lowly ASN. I'm okay with it. I earn 6 figures .. working from home.

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    Quote from nursel56
    First, I didn't mention anything about a requirement to do anything. For the rest, people can come to their own conclusions about whether or not "I will not be in today" in the absence of any other information will be accepted at face value by HR and staffing.

    My suggestion regarding her specific verbiage is also based on the notion that an employer will most likely seek more information as to the reason for the call-off. "I will not be in today because I haven't slept for more than 5 hours since Friday" is, my experience anyway, not as good as, "I have a headache and GI symptoms" (for example).

    Sounds like your staffers are exemplary, though.
    This has nothing to do with "staffers" or required verbiage. The employer will NOT get my private health care information.

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    The Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities should force Ms. Doper to give consent. Have a lawyer review the facility/state policy.

    In the meantime, follow your
    obstetrician's recommendations.
    I was in the same place 33 years ago as a new grad. Pregnant and stuck myself with a needle contaminated by a drug user.
    MY OB prescribed IGG and son turned out fine. Best of luck with this.. your facility should be protecting YOU , not the drug user.

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    Quote from Emergent
    This job has a lot of down time. One thing that is a constant, however, is that Nurse Ratchet is mean to people.

    One morning we got a patient at shift change. She laid into both the tech, who'd come over to help, and me, in front of the pt and her husband. I went out of the room to enter the patient into the computer (no admitting clerk at night) and overheard the husband say "Oh I remember you, you were our nurse before, and I don't like you!" The husband and patient had been really nice to me when I was in the room.

    I was interviewed about that incident, which got back to our director by a pt complaint, plus the tech complained.

    No, this gal is a cranky one.
    Understood. Nurse Ratchet is never going to change, administration is never going to make her change.. YOU need to stop

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    It's Nurse Ratchet. Us older gals know that. "she finishes up her charting and patient care". She does not want to hear your baby stories.. she has work to do.
    You need to respect Nurse Ratchet and get to work.

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    Quote from Pangea Reunited
    Sometimes, there really is nothing you can do. Some patients do pull our their IVs, PICC lines, foleys, NG tubes etc. right at change of shift. Having said that, there are also nurses who "don't notice" those earlier events until 6:45 ...sometimes because they're intimidated by the tasks and sometimes because they're just lazy.
    Assuming you're not one of the lazy ones, I would just ignore the other nurse and assume she was having a very frustrating day. Emailing you that someone else was "mad" was childish, but it won't do anyone any good to keep the conflict going.
    I'll tend to be extra nice to a nurse when they leave me a train wreck and they feel horrible about it. It usually creates goodwill for future hand-offs, even if they've been less than understanding and kind in the past.
    "I would just ignore the other nurse and assume she was having a very frustrating day. "
    Disagree. Cannot ignore or condone the oncoming nurse's behavior. Oncoming nurse cannot deal. S/He needs to be called out this.

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    Nursing care is a 24 hour job. You did what you could during your shift.
    Do not give a rat's patooty if oncoming nurse is "mad" at you. Oncoming nurse needed to get a grip and deal with the ongoing problems.

    Save that inappropriate email.. send it to your immediate supervisor and CC one step up.