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    I married one once, never again.

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    There are many applicants and the hiring process has many steps. It's only been 9 business days. I have waited months for an answer. The "specific person" is in HR and they are notoriously slow.

    It does sound promising, but wait patiently or you could blow it.

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    Hospital C will survive just fine without you. A simple "thank you for the opportunity,but I have received an offer I can't refuse" will suffice.

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    I walk for 5 minutes for every hour I am at my desk, follow advice to prevent screen fatigue and obtained an ergodynamics consultation.

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    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    The guy who kept yelling "DEEPER" over and over as I was inserting his bisacodyl suppository. He often had "constipation" and I lucked out that no one had charted his BMs for several days and could not refuse on the usual basis of regular BMs and soft nontender abdomen with normoactive bowel sounds. I'm still not clean.
    If he has the strength to yell, he has the strength to insert his own suppository.

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    Any travel nursing assignment should include safe and adequate housing.. for YOU. I have had excellent accommodations, a condo in Waikiki and a beautiful apartment in Scottsdale. 100% paid for including utilities.
    Your agency is under no obligation to house your family members.

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    Quote from 2ndCareer2
    They might allow you to retest. If so, allow enough time for it to be out if your system

    Honestly, if you needed a Lorazepam now, you will probably need it during nursing school! More stress than you can imagine. That being said, if I were you, I'd get in to my Dr right away and actually get a script for it- then you're covered as you'll have a legitimate script if you need to take it again and you have a script to show them that might work for this instance.

    I would caution you against contacting them and giving any excuse. It really really wouldn't go over well.

    Ask for a retest and/or actually get a script for yourself
    A retest would be a rerun of the initial blood sample. No school or employer is going to let you keep submitting new samples, until you test negative Obtaining a prescription today, will not cover OP for a previous drug test

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    Quote from Studentnurse365
    Employee health has had to look through my rx and they just glance at them. I bet someone wouldn't even notice a difference in dates from drug test to rx. Just a thought. It's a tricky sticky situation.
    Your lack of honesty and ethics astounds me .

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    Quote from loriangel14
    Psych patients are't always violent. i did a placement in school on a PTSD unit. They weren't out of control or aggressive just troubled. There are many different types of psych nursing.

    If you are a grown up you should be making your own decisions not your husband.
    " i did a placement in school on a PTSD unit." That is not psych nursing experience. We all had a psych rotation during nursing school.
    Op is wise to listen to listen to her husband.

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    Quote from Kayla_Martin
    I just completed the LPN program and didn't learn any safety measures. Maybe that will come later on in my education. Also, the job I was looking at just special training for staff members. So that's a plus. I was just wondering kind of what was taught.
    That would be CPI. Read up on it. Just make sure your patients read up on it as well.

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    Quote from roser13
    In nursing school you will learn the various safety measures and techniques that are used in psych facilities.
    Sure! There are de-escalation techniques, and hopefully security available. Won't stop a psycho from flying across the room, pounding you to the ground and pulling your hair out.. will they?

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    Combative and agitated patients are found everywhere.
    You do not have to give up the idea of practicing psych nursing, just be very careful where you do it.

    I had the living crap beat out me by a psychotic patient... with 2 mental health workers in the room.

    My son had to take care of me after the beating.. I wanted to go back, he begged me not to... and I didn't.

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    " But the 65yr old female will either be extremely difficult to interact with or nitpick. "

    Wow, just wow. I truly hope your patients are not picking up those vibes. Or are they....and that is what's making them so "difficult"?

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    Quote from Rose_Queen
    I just looked at my bottle of Xanax. No such sticker or similar wording anywhere on the label.
    Jeez Louise. Probably should not have given up the info that Xanax is in your personal bag of tricks.

    I myself have no problem offering that I partake of the herb

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    Is this racism, bullying or favoritism .. yes ,a lot of each. The true definition does not matter, it's wrong.
    I have been on the receiving end and quickly realized I was not going to change it. I got outta dodge.Save your breath with management, they know and are condoning this.

    Boggles my MIND that a secretary assigns nurses to new admits. Further proof that management is condoning this mess.

    Pick your battles, (new nurse will figure it out) this is not going to change.