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    Shake this off. Show up .. do your best and apply for another position. 10 weeks of orientation is not enough for newby toxic manager to mess up YOUR career. I would discuss these issues with nursing education. They can CY your A.

    Deep breaths... you are just starting out. I can see you have so much potential.

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    Quote from CoffeeRTC
    I was feeling very glam last week at work. I was helping the CNAs shower a combative resident. He tried to pinch my backside and then said I had a "luscious behind"
    "get your hands off me" Order for a B 52. But.. that's another thread.

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    Transfusion vital signs should be delegated. Observe for the first 15 minutes. No way should you be tied up for an hour for a simple transfusion. If the patient was unstable.. while needing the transfusion.. that would be the time to delegate care for your other patients .. notify supervision that your patient is now 1:1.

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    Quote from cardiacfreak
    Where do I sign up? I want to wear my stilettos!
    Hum, stilettos and jammies would be hard to pull off.

    Research insurance company positions to sign up. Best wishes in your search.

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    The coolest is the one that pays the most. I work from home in my jammies.. making 100K. I am very glamourous in my jammies.

    Coolest and most exciting ... is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Quote from llg
    The answer to your question depends on the laws in Ghana. You will have to talk with experts on the Ghana nursing laws to get an answer.

    In the United States, the fact that staffing is low does not protect us from being held accountable if we make poor judgments and mistakes in our patient care. However, a jury might be a little more lenient if a nurse was doing her best under very challenging circumstances. Our standard is: "What would a prudent nurse do in that situation?" That is the standard we must meet and it is up to a jury to decide if we have met that standard or not.
    Of course you would be held to YOUR board's standards. I think filing a complaint with management each and every time.. is a smart idea. It gives you much needed back up, if any issues arise.

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    I enjoyed my travel assignment to Honolulu in a CDU.
    Now I enjoy working from home.

    Nurses are used and abused... anywhere we go.

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    You do not need a lawyer to expunge your record. You would file a motion and go before the judge yourself.
    Only the nursing program you will be applying to, can answer your question about their requirements.

    You didn't ask, but I feel the need to say... if you have a diagnosis of cancer, until you are in remission, you will not have what it takes to succeed in nursing school. Your focus MUST be on your own health.

    Best wishes.

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    Quote from NurseEmmy
    I am at a loss. Why do we continue to allow scary nurses to continue to practice? Why do employers continue to keep these nurses around? The nurse "training" me right now sleeps for several hours during the shift. He also leaves the floor to go "food shopping" on other units. The charge nurses have reported it to admin, he admits he has been written up several times for sleeping and having a bad attitude, and yet he still remains. I have also found out that due to his neglect a sentinel event occurred and he was banned from working on a unit for a long time because of it. The same behaviors continue so obviously he hasn't learned a darn thing. In fact they are now training him for tele patients.. I just don't get it.

    He's toxic.
    He's dangerous.
    Other good nurses are quitting because of him (myself included once I find another job).

    We all make mistakes. The fact that the issues remain despite the event baffles me.

    So why do bad nurses keep their jobs?
    So why do bad nurses keep their jobs?

    Because his manager is allowing it. Manager KNOWS what is going on... and are protecting him for WHATEVER reason they have.

    Save your breath.

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    "My life was saved by Jesus and the fact that I am alive today is due to his grace alone. "

    Two billion people are Christians. 5 billion are not. Individual research on NDE..based on individual belief is not only wrong, it is useless.

    Might want to move this to the the spirituality forum .Personally, I am not buying that dying patients see Jesus Christ.

    I have attended many dying patients. As they pass on, they focus beyond me... greet Uncle Joe.. or mom, or another relative. "Hi Uncle Joe". What are you doing here?

    Firmly believe we are escorted over. But is not by a figure created by man made religion.

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    Of course you are spot on about the satisfaction scores. The last hospital position I held was on a unit that had fancy private rooms, big screen TV's, fresh flowers and a gift basket.

    They closed shortly after a gazillion dollar renovation.

    The last time a patient asked me for a back rub... I burst out laughing. "Dude.. you should be giving ME a backrub".

    Healthcare is now confused with spa care.

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    My training was 3 months. I am a pretty smart chick, but I thought it was difficult to learn.
    I do utilization review. It is quite complicated, and the business rules are constantly changing.
    You would be working from home, but you would have coworkers and management to provide support. They are only a phone call or an e-mail away. Everyone supports each other, when questions come up.

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    "I can't report this and go back to work, because of how staff would treat me.

    I can't let it keep happening.

    There is also the false documentation."
    Know when to say when. Resign now. Report the abuse to the proper board.

    Best wishes, the truth will come out.

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    You have been in dialysis for 5 years now... stuck there, if you choose.
    However, you have that golden one year of experience.

    You have MANY options now, why are you drawn to the endoscopy position? That position will stick you in one position. Most likely (haha) requiring YOU to stick the patient. You would start the IV and administer the required IV medications during the procedure.

    Lack of IV skills , should not limit you in any new endeavor.

    Best of luck.. think outside the box.