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    P&P will vary by facility.

    Before performing any intervention that resulted from a parameter obtained by a machine... I verified that parameter with my human skills.

    Machines fail all the time. Takes a minute to do a manual pressure.

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    You work at a for profit facility that is milking insurance and medicare to maximize their $$$.
    This is no longer about YOU.

    In order to boost their bottom line, they are minimizing staffing, patient care and patient safety.

    Stop enabling this, leave NOW and report to the state.

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    Your mother was in the process of dying, you took excellent care of her.
    Don't beat yourself up over the details.

    I have been there, done that. Time to let yourself grieve.


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    As you have made a huge career change and moved across the country....
    perhaps you should tailor yourself to the orientation, instead of expecting the facility to tailor the orientation to you.

    It's been less than 3 weeks, appreciate the learning experience they are offering you.

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    Quote from Meriwhen
    True, they may not schedule OP in advance. However, depending on her contract, the agency may require OP to give a minimum amount of availability for those two weeks. If OP is technically signed off work, OP can't give any availability during that time.
    So, OP could give them her minimum availability. If they schedule her, she could call off. This is a ridiculous power play on the agency's part. OP needs to end it.

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    As you are PRN.. what difference does it make? You work as needed. The agency cannot schedule you in advance.

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    "im asking for advice. What would you do if you were in my spot."
    No one can answer that question but you.

    Personally, when my father was declining, I chose to take time off to be his caregiver. However, I was already established in nursing.

    Your position can wait, your father can't.

    Peace to you and your family.

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    You are 18 years old. Way too soon to kiss ANY dream goodbye.
    These are questions for your academic advisor.
    Completing your nursing pre- reqs at a community college is an excellent plan.

    Take deep breaths.. listen to your advisors. You are FAR from lost.

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    You will need to do your own research on travel agencies. Apply with 3 of them and compare and contrast offers.
    Make sure your contract includes travel pay to get back home. Know the safety of the area and level of housing you will be offered. I always had very nice accommodations. Classy apartments and condos on the beach.
    The salary is usually comparable, anything extra you need will depend on your recruiter. You need good vibes from your recruiter.

    Talk with your accountant to make sure you get the best tax breaks before you take any assignment.

    Make SURE you are licensed to work in your state of choice. My nightmare was, I had traveled to AZ and ready to start an assignment, the AZ Bon would not allow me to work without a birth certificate. The agency should have known that. I had to wait 2 weeks to get my birth certificate, the hospital waited and the agency paid my housing, but the agency dropped the ball on licensure requirements. Still missed out on 2 weeks salary.

    Keep in mind.. the agency does not get paid until you work... they should treat you like gold.

    P.S. I love my Glock too.

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    File a complaint with the state.

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    "Almost "recession proof.

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    You have unusual circumstances, and it sounds like the hospital is not living up to their end of the bargain by not giving you full time hours.
    Have a lawyer look at the contract before you negotiate.

    Best of luck.

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    This has nothing to do with nursing.

    Cancel the date, tell her you are not interested.

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    Yes, it's really that bad. Whining is not the same thing as expressing issues and concerns. Be respectful to those of us in the profession.

    You are romanticizing the profession. You will not have time to nurture or make a meaningful contribution, you will be worked like a mule to boost the corporate health care bottom line for profits.
    Three 12 hour shifts sounds good, until you have to go back the next day with your legs and feet still aching from the previous shift.

    The adrenalin rush is NOT enjoyable. You will be assisting in a life and death situation and that "rush" will make your hands shake with the endeavor.

    Only YOU.. can turn it into a balanced, happy life.

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    I presume it would be up to your program. If you get kicked out, they should kick out your instructor.
    You are in school to learn, not double check licensed nurses you are SUPPOSED to be learning from.
    The licensed professional and your instructor are responsible for this error.