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    Transfer, quit.. whatever. They don't own you. You have many adventures ahead.

    Best wishes.

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    Quote from brownbook
    Whoa there fella. Just kinda joking around. I think days and evenings are way harder than nights.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience when you worked nights to help out. That is wrong in so many ways.
    Nope,night shift is the beyotch, but that's another thread.

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    It's not personalities, it's cliques. You should have no problem going to days.. just get in the right clique.
    Best wishes.

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    "but at what point, if ever, is a pt made to get on the scale?" THAT point would be... never.
    You are in the wrong place, if a patient "bugs" you. It's about the patient, not you.

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    Have you been accepted to nursing school?

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    How about part time at the ER job, prn at your current job?

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    This is a question for your manager,
    risk management, and the doctor. In the mean time, puree it yourself with a fork.

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    Depends on whether or not it's one of my ex- husbands.

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    Of course you can reapply. We all get nervous about interviews. They take practice to get confident.

    Best wishes, just show 'em what ya got.

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    I had an ultrasound tech complain to my manager. I was " abrupt" with her while she was doing the scan. It was " get outta my way, that patient can't breathe ". Manager listened to MY side of the story and the complaint went to File 13. That should be all it takes , YOU are the professional in this situation. Only your manager knows if this is considered a write up. If it is... start the plan to get outta Dodge.

    You will receive many uncalled for must let them roll off your back.

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    In the US.. we get the flu vaccine or lose our jobs. Some facilities will allow the nurse to wear a mask throughout the flu season if they refuse. I had no problem with view point is it protects the herd and me.

    To each their own. Not gonna fight THAT fight.

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    Quote from Davey Do
    We had a patient drink his own urine tonight.


    Actually, yoganurse, I love the whole holistically spiritual approach to nursing and we do need to be reminded of its tenets from time to time.

    Keep on keeping on!

    However, right now I'm more concerned with trying to keep an eye on this patient and prevent him from consuming his own excretions.

    P.S. I've heard drinking your own urine can't kill ya, go on break.

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    That is a "philosophical "view of the patient- nurse relationship. Not gonna happen in the real world.

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    Not possible to tell if you have the job or not. Who's paying for the fingerprints? The reason the process is taking so long, is because the facility is having administrative problems. THAT may or not be a problem for YOU. ( a lot of them are).
    While the free training sounds tempting, you need to find out how many residents you will have to take care of.

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    Yep, saw it. It was fascinating.