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  • Sep 28 '15

    I only have 7 months until I graduate with my ASN. Out of 5 clinical instructors I have only had a problem with one. She would embaress me in front of patients and family members on a regular basis and insult my intelligence in front of them. I would avoid doing new procedures because I didn't want her to come obeserve/embaress me. Many of the students had similar experiences. I began screaming about patients and the instructer in my sleep, having night terrors every night. She has threatened to fail me for not critically thinking, which is why I have never stood up to her. If she asks you a question, it doesn't matter if you answer it correctly, and even point it out in the textbook, her answer is the "right" answer. She gets her kicks from holding student's futures in her hands. I am very stressed and at a loss as for what to do about my situation. I cannot learn in that environment. HELP