What color do you wear?

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    Just out of curiousity what color scrubs do nurses wear on your units? I didn't know where else to post this and I am just posting it for fun. In my city nurses mostly wear navy blue all the hospitals standardized the color nurses wear. One hospital however wears maroon/wine. Also nurses have the option to wear all white. Anyone have an opinion of what color best represents nursing as a profession?

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    We are required to wear white on my unit. Unbelievable, huh? Other hospitals in my area where navy bottoms and white tops. Most hospitals, you can where whatever you want. I just think white is impractical and causes white coat syndrome with the pts. Even all solids of any color get old after a while.
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    we tried the color/unit thing for a while and finally went back to wear any color as long as it is a solid. The badge says it all.
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    I work SNF and we are able to wear whatever color (solid or pattern) we want. I tend to stay with solid bottoms. But I will "mix it up" a bit and wear a solid bottom with a tasteful print top. More often than not i am wearing either a solid navy blue top and bottom.

    The local hospital also wear any color they want, not sure if prints are not allowed, but I've not noticed any of the nurses who work there with any print tops on.
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    Eggplant, dark purple here. I am sick of it; anyone in any color scrubs is thought to be a nurse by most of my patients.
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    Yuck on the eggplant! I like the navy blue, that's what we wear in school. I do not think I could wear white. It is kind of counterproductive, I mean what if you get (insert bodily fluid here), on it.
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    Navy blue, royal blue, or black. We can wear whatever we want. I choose those colors because it is difficult to see stains, and my butt doesn't look quite as big in them as opposed to lighter colors!

    Plus, in my daily wardrobe, I tend to wear darker colors and earth tones.

    As an aside, no longer do I buy cheap scrubs. The last couple of sets I bought cost 25-35 per piece (so 50-70 an outfit) and they are totally worth it. High quality, thicker material, mostly cotton, they breathe better, they move better, there is no itching or chaffing. The cut is more complimentary, they simply look more professional and they feel divine.
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    What brand did you get? I am looking for something that doesn't fell like pajamas.
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    Our hospital wears whatever color they want. However, for some reason, radiology wears maroon.
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    Khaki and navy blue always look good in my book. I just like those colors for uniforms, whites are ok.

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