My first year of nursing :)

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    i started my first nursing job in may 2011. graduated in december, took the boards in march, then started my job in may. i am sure plenty of people have written about this before, but i had to get this out.

    the first year of nursing has been by far the hardest, scariest, most stressful years i think i will ever experience. its also been the year i have learned more than i ever thought i would. i have grown up a lot this year. not just because i am out of school, but because when i work i am responsible and care for someone other than myself. this year there were moments where i thought "omg there is no way i can do this!!!!!"

    then there was my first rapid response. i was so scared i couldve cried. but i sucked it up and fought for that patient harder than i ever thought i could. i had a "feeling" something with the patient wasnt right. i have learned to always trust that feeling. after the first rapid response, i had another patient go south. and i just knew what to do. i felt so proud of myself for learning from a previous case and applying it to help this new patient.

    i have learned so many things. i have learned what it means to be a patient advocate. everyday i advocate for my patients in some way or another. i used to be so afraid to call the doctor. i feared "looking stupid". then one day i realized, i'm not stupid. i certainly don't know everything, not by a long shot, but i sure know how to look it up! not knowing something doesn't make me stupid. it gives me more opportunities to learn something new. i have learned to always ask if i am not sure about something. i would much rather ask someone who is more knowledgeable and has "seen it all" than make a mistake.

    that brings me to my coworkers. i could not have asked for better coworkers for my first nursing job. the floor i work on is amazing. we really do give great patient care. there is an expectation that everyone works as a team. when one person is falling behind, we all work together to catch them up. if someone is in the middle of an emergency we are all helping either in the room or making sure the rest of the patients are safe and cared for. they have taught me so much.

    lastly, i have learned a lot about myself. i have learned to stick up for myself to nurses who are bullies. i have learned to just call the doctor and report something, even if its minor. i have learned that at the end of the day its not about the paycheck, its about the patient. i have learned that i absolutely love this job. while i want to move onto a specialty sooner rather than later, i couldn't think of a better way to begin my career. i can do this! i have so much more to learn!

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    Good for you! Welcome to the ranks of the insane!

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    This is so encouraging...I have days where I feel like I might be lookin into the wrong career. I'm still a student. I'm doing my LPN first because I'm not sure if I'd make a good RN. I have the heart for people just wanna make sure this is what I really want to do. I've enjoyed my clinicals so far. so we shall see. I hope you find a good specialty though because you sound like the more advanced version of You are sure to be great nurse. I wish you best, peace of mind and many blessings
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    You sound like you have all the attributes of a great nurse!
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    Thank you for this post. Some days I feel like I am working, working, working but getting nowhere. You sound like a great nurse!
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    brava, katieiam616. welcome to the profession! we need you out here.
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    As a recent grad nervous about the kind of first job I will land, this was great to read. Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me something positive to look forward to.
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    What a great insight! I will be graduating this time next year and I am terrified. I am especially hoping to do labor and delivery so I will have more than one to care for!! I fear looking stupid now but I can blame it on being a student- I know it all comes with learning though! CONGRATS to you!
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    This is so refreshing to read- thank you so much for the insight.
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    thanks for all the messages guys! wish you all the best!

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