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I work in the ICU. I send a very difficult pt to the floor (behaviorally) and couldn't imagine taking care of 5-8 more pts on top of that. I couldn't mentally handle that job, so thank you for doing what you do.... Read More

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    Being a nurse is a great profession. I'm proud to be one!

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    It was never easy being a nurse. The pressures and the expectations are very high but whenever I see patients recovered and saying a simple "thank you", it makes my profession worthwhile.
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    I have been a nurse on a post-op med-surg unit for one year now that has tested my sanity more than a few times but what I have learned in that time has been priceless. It feels great to hear all these praises & recognitions. But all nurses deserve it!
    ICU, your mental skill levels blow my mind.
    ER, I can only hope I can be that quick in ability as well as have that much patience.
    Psyc, hats off to you around the board as I don't know how you do it but thank God someone is willing to.
    PEDI, that terrifies many of us so kudos.
    L&D, 2-for-1 so enough said.
    Oncology & Hospice, it takes a special person to be able to do what you do.
    OBS, I would lose my mind at the amount of admits & discharges you have to deal with every day.
    Geriatrics, we don't even need to explain that one so hats off.
    The list could go on but we all deserve a pat on the back & a job well done!

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