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    I was wondering if anyone knows the current starting salary at MGH? A professor of mine said that they start at 100k! Could this be right? What about new grads?

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    Could you be (a lot) more specific?
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    Oh sorry. I meant what's the starting salaries for registered nurses (not APN's just RN's) at Mass General because I heard it's 100k, which seems very high to me. I'm currently a junior nursing student (BSN) and thinking about working there in the future.
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    i can tell you starting pay for staff rn is definetly not $100k more like 50's
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    I think this question would be better served in the Mass. Nurses Forum, and I'll move it there. Good luck!
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    From the last I heard, base rate was 27ish an hour, and diffs were really good. I think it was 5 for evenings, 7 for nights, and an extra 4 dollars an hour added when working weekend evenings and nights. I had wanted to work there too after I graduated but unfortunately couldn't get anything at the time.
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    Per someone who works there, new grads start out in and around $28/hour at MGH.
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    And you need a BSN with jobs very hard to get. $100K for new grad, only with lots of overtime and working nights and weekends.
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    I heard the salary at MGH is not so great when compared to other Boston hospitals. Don't forget to factor in parking, transportation, and other logistics. However, you go to MGH for the experience. Good luck.
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    For new grads it's $27.75 base pay. The diffs are $5 for eves and $7 for nights. The weekend diff is $4 extra for all shifts. However, if you commit to every other weekend, it's an extra $4 making it $8/hr. Different floors have different weekend requirements. Some require any three weekend shifts per schedule. Others do every third weekend. That's why there's the extra $4 on top of the $4 weekend diff if someone commits to every other weekend. People choose the extra money over less weekend flexibility.

    Hope that helps and wasn't too confusing.
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