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  1. PICC dilemna

    Please help! My pt. is to do PICC infusions q8h at home. His technique is good. My question involves cap changes.PICC is in RAC. He has a 12" extension to allow him to handle his line. I was advised to "change caps daily." Extension tubing remains ...
  2. 24 Things ER Nurses Know All Too Well

    A variation on this theme: the visitor with the pt who expresses their "concern" repeatedly even tho' the pt is quite competent/fluent. A friend of mine coined the term "attack friend" for them. Of course, the majority of the time this was a planned ...
  3. Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

  4. What do you guys think of this?

    ????Look up Dilantin and you will find (possible) side effect is "V FIB"!!!! Why would anyone push that??? Also literature is pretty clear about using a large vein... What kind of pharmacist would think it wasteful to dilute it? I have had somewhat ...
  5. IV Administration problems - Roller clamp vs Pump

    the pump is "incredibly complex"??? The pump is one of my best buds!!!
  6. Prescription narcotics or benzodiazepines while working?

    Please speak to your doctor. I have read that some people have had relief with beta blockers for that kind of anxiety. Also, speak to anyone who will listen. You need to learn how to vent. You'd be suprised how well it works to go ahead and announce...
  7. Eat Before You Get Here!

    IMHO the title of this post could be "...and can I get you some hot wings with that?"
  8. 2 incidents, same person? Would love to hear... For every person who clogs up EMS pointlessly your grandmother or mine my suffer, u know?
  9. Amen to everything you said. It's the call the Charge and he/she will get them a bed part that bit me... The hall bed thing is a non-issue, since it has been going on forever. I don't mind statrting IVs, changing diapers, vomit, or intubating; I can ...
  10. Rules for the ER (long)

    where do i get a mgr like that???
  11. I'm sure that really did hurt, but... When will we finally institute a fraudulent or inappropriate use of EMS statute? Maybe the fine should be proportional to how egregious the offense is. Insurance issues aside, we have laws for filing a false po...
  12. Question is, really I guess- how deep do you(or your mgmt)let it get in Triage/waiting room before you have more than one nurse? We used to have a policy more than five deep,waiting for triage, required the help of the Charge or PRN nurse. The other ...
  13. Paramedics saying they are nurses---is this legal?

  14. Public Service Announcement

    My SAGEST advice to fledgling nurses (of any kind), "It's a love/hate relationship, it just depends what day it is." :bowingpur I LOVED the OP!!! .
  15. 24 Things ER Nurses Know All Too Well

    Just chant to yourself "job security, job security,job security..." You have hit on the one thing there will NEVER be a shortage of.