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NabiRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in OR, community nursing.

BS and MS chemistry; ADN-Nursing, MSN - soon

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  1. The final is actually easier than the individual exams. The Laser module really scared me and I thought the final would be as difficult. I wouldn't even study for it.
  2. Circulators

    I am writing a paper on labor relations and policy. Is anyone out there who work in states that do not require a RN circulator in the room for each procedure? If yes, what is your experience like? Thanks so much.
  3. Pass/fail % of Ma nursing schools

    Looks like there's not much difference between community colleges and private schools and 4 year state schools. I was surprised to see that Regis has such low passing rate.
  4. Is it me?

    Well, it is not you. OR is a tough place for new nurses who do not have experience in the operating room. Many tough personalities in the operating room. I don't know why the operating room attracts these people. Perhaps others can put their 2 cents ...
  5. turnover times

    Had a very good discussion on the board. Where I used to work, I scrubbed a lot of eye cases. The turnover time is about 5 minutes. The cleaning crew does not come to clean the room. The surgical team pretty much takes care of the trash and o...
  6. Brand Spanking New OR Nurse

    If I go to ER or Med/Surg, I would feel the same way. We have many nurses from other areas and they are doing just fine. As long as you are a team player and willing to learn and work hard, you will be just fine. The personalites are tough but I am n...
  7. New grad RN with assoc degree surgical tech

    Your scrub experience will be helpful. However, it seems like you went directly from scrub school to nursing school without actually working as a scrub tech. Some hospitals may expect more from you and will put into cases with the idea that you can s...
  8. Don't want go get to ahead of myself, but

    Great idea. You will have access to the AORN web site as well and read past AORN journal articles.
  9. scrubbing AAA

    This message is a little bit late since you probably have already scrubbed the case. You can go to (Association of Surgical Technologists) and do a search on their web site for articles. also has articles for members. Hope you had f...
  10. How exactly do you become an OR nurse?

    You will find lots of info here: Good luck.
  11. Just got hired!!

    I just finished 11 months of orientation at a Level II trauma center with 25 OR's. I run my own room now and I can't believe how much I have learned. Here's my advice: 1. Don't argue whether you are right or wrong (unless the patient is in immediate ...
  12. Documenting Implants

    Smith and Nephew has lot #'s on plates but not the screws. I like the idea of keeping track of lot number from autoclave (I don't think we do that now).
  13. My wife is having a Whipple!!!!

    I can understand that this is scary for your family. The most important person in your team is the surgeon. As others said, you need to to do some research to find a surgeon with lots of experience since not too many centers do whipples frequently. O...
  14. Do most OR's use scrub tech's?

    Originally Posted by WitchyRN I don't look down on techs, I used to be one. I just ask for the same courtesy from the techs I work of them that I work with closely is always putting the circulator's role's "easy" according to h...
  15. I am at the end of my OR orientation and have worked with many different preceptors. I was a preceptor when I was a certified surgical technologist (CST). I find that many RNs who were CSTs are a lot more difficult to work with because they often hav...

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