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hi y'all-- looking for recent approximate pay rates for RN's with just under 5 years experience. it is difficult to find pay rate info for boston hospitals. do hospitals in the city pay more or... Read More

  1. by   elzabe
    Hi I'm thinking about doing an accelerated BSN. The MGH and Simmons Programs cost about 60K there's living/trans/HI.. So I think I'd be @ 100K in debt. I'm wondering about nursing salaries in Boston and how quickly they increase? i.e.
    Average Salary:
    0 experience
    1 yr experience
    3 yr experience
    5 yr experience
    7 yr experience
    9 yr experience

    I'm assuming unioned hospitals are better than non-union?

    I'm most interested in L&D !
  2. by   elzabe
    Trying to figure out if I can afford to do an accelerated program at the age of 57....Working as a nurse for at least 10 years... but starting a career near 60.
    I'm told the Boston Market is tight. What hospitals in or around Boston are hiring new grads?
    What is the salary progression? i.e.
    0 years
    5 years
    10 years

    Huge Thanks