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hi y'all-- looking for recent approximate pay rates for RN's with just under 5 years experience. it is difficult to find pay rate info for boston hospitals. do hospitals in the city pay more or... Read More

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    Hi I'm thinking about doing an accelerated BSN. The MGH and Simmons Programs cost about 60K there's living/trans/HI.. So I think I'd be @ 100K in debt. I'm wondering about nursing salaries in Boston and how quickly they increase? i.e.
    Average Salary:
    0 experience
    1 yr experience
    3 yr experience
    5 yr experience
    7 yr experience
    9 yr experience

    I'm assuming unioned hospitals are better than non-union?

    I'm most interested in L&D !
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    Trying to figure out if I can afford to do an accelerated program at the age of 57....Working as a nurse for at least 10 years... but starting a career near 60.
    I'm told the Boston Market is tight. What hospitals in or around Boston are hiring new grads?
    What is the salary progression? i.e.
    0 years
    5 years
    10 years

    Huge Thanks