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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    Where did they get posted? Also, did anyone get assigned lab times yet?

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    The clinical schedule was sent to our neu email. It also said that our lab schedule will be given to us at orientation.
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    How are things going for Those of you who are in the program?
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    Hi Celticsgirl17,
    The program is really fast paced, so it's important to be organized and self- disciplined. I would suggest learning medical terminology, dosages, and investing in a NANDA book beforehand. It wasn't required but you will find it VERY useful. I cannot comment on clinicals because they do not start until next week, but the placements this semester are really good. Our cohort has lab every Saturday and exams Wednesday, the first is tomorrow.
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    Thanks Cm401! Thats is really helpful! I am starting in Jan and I want to do as much as I can to get ahead... I ordered some books online including the NANDA book so I can get a head start. Any other advice/info that comes up as the semester goes along would be greatly appreciated!

    Is anyone else starting in Jan? My name is Shauna... I cant wait to meet everyone!
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    I'm starting in Jan. Im nervous about the 20 credits that we need to off-load during our first semester.
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    Me too! I think ordering some books and reading ahead will be helpful. Also brushing up on medical terminology... I got one of those "For dummies" books on dosing and getting math skills freshened up. I work at a hospital as a tech so I have been asking questions left and right and getting involved on as many things as possible... hoping it helps!
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    hi, can someone on here let me know what their stats were to get into the program? i just submitted my application for fall 2013 and want to know if i am a competitive applicant!
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    HI - I just quit an associate's degree program because the instructor was too sarcastic for my tastes. Is this typical behavior for clinical nursing instructors or are there some institutions that actually have teachers who encourage their students? I got into Northeastern's direct entry MSN last year. Should I reapply? Thanks for your input.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and I start NEU DE online on Jan 7th. I already attended prep day and orientation is in a month. Already ordered scrubs, stethoscope, etc. Plan on buying shoes at like payless lol. I still need to get the lab kit. A little worried about the book list. Should I order them all now?
    Just wondering if anyone from previous cohorts had any advice/comments about what they have been through so far? Anything is appreciated! :-)
    If anyone wants to chat, feel free to email me at !

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