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  1. GrenIedGal

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Summer 2019

    Hi all! I just graduated in February and will be taking NCLEX in about a month. I applied to UC #1 and ED #2. Has anyone looked at any other peds NG opportunities in the area? I know we are very limited down here. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. GrenIedGal

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Summer 2019

    Hi to you in Pittsburgh! That's where I went for my first BS degree.
  3. GrenIedGal

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2019

    Congrats to those who were called for an interview for this spring cohort! Very exciting. Can't wait to hear how it all goes. I will soon be applying into the summer cohort. (For those thinking of summer: I was told postings would be in late February for summer start.)
  4. GrenIedGal

    Scripps New Grad Residency March/June 2017

    Hi Newgrad2018. How was your Encinitas interview? Did you decide to do the program there? It is one of the places I'll be strongly considering when I finish in Feb. Any feedback is appreciated. :)
  5. GrenIedGal

    Scripps New Grad Residency October 2018

    Congrats NurseKitty21!!! Very exciting. I hope to hear how you like the new grad program at Scripps Encinitas. I live around the block from there and finish my BSN in Feb. It's one of my top places to do a new grad program at. What unit will you be on?
  6. GrenIedGal

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    I vote take a break. School isn't going anywhere, you love your current job, and you can return when you're recharged and refreshed with a clear goal of WHY you want to get your MSN/NP. It sounds like you already know this in your heart, but wanted some reassurance. Now go to work, come home, go to the gym/beach/movies, travel, and give yourself a study break. Best of luck! :)
  7. GrenIedGal

    Help with Schools in California applied at WGU

    I am currently a prelicensure student at WGU, almost half way through the program. You're right it's very competitive. The best suggestion I can make is to start a relationship with an admission advisor at WGU. You work with them throughout the application process. They can help you assess what your probability is of acceptance and what areas you could focus on improving to increase your chances of admittance. I am not sure about other LA area schools, as I'm a San Diego area resident, but I know that most are very impacted. Reach out to WGU and research other area schools--best of luck to you on your journey!
  8. GrenIedGal

    WGU BSN prelicensure inquiry

    Our cohort is in Fountain Valley and I know of at least 1 in my cohort that comes from Riverside and 4 of us coming from San Diego. She does come VERY early to avoid the potential traffic coming from that area tho. As said above, it's very doable if you can make it work for your schedule. Feel free to pm me if you want more info or continue to ask away. It's all very confusing in the early stages. :)
  9. GrenIedGal

    WGU Prelicensure Program SoCal-Sept 2016 Cohort

    I don't know how they define 'breaks' but you get mini breaks (like a week or so) after one term finishes (if you're on top of your work)--and once you're accepted into the nursing portion, you will get your calendar for the remaining 2 years. You will know what weeks you could be scheduled for clinical. So I know I don't have clinical over Christmas, if I am done my work, I will be on 'break' but if I'm behind, I won't be! I try to stay ahead to give myself a little breathing room before the next course/term begins.
  10. GrenIedGal

    WGU Prelicensure Program SoCal-Sept 2016 Cohort

    Congrats Enoch82! I am near the end of term 2 (term 3 if you include the first 6 month term). Do you know where your clinicals will be yet?
  11. GrenIedGal

    WGU Prelicensure Program (San Diego)

    Yes it is quite competitive in CA--a few in my cohort have been trying for a few application cycles, up to a year. Many are very qualified experience-wise: LPNs, RTs, CNA's, XRay Techs, Medics etc. While others are doing a total career change. Academically, also competitive as each cohort is only about 13 people. I can't speak for others but for myself I applied with a 3.8 pre-req GPA, and an 85 on the TEAS (I didn't finish the math section which pulled my overall down)--an 85 put me in the 95th% nationally and my science section (which I think they pay the most attention to) was in the 99th%. The TEAS isn't hard and I can make a bunch of recommendations for resources when you are preparing (if you want.) :) Yes, FAR less expensive! Again, feel free to PM me if you want to keep in touch during your application process to WGU (if you decide to)-would love to help, if I can. Best of luck Tiffany.
  12. GrenIedGal

    WGU Prelicensure Program (San Diego)

    Hi navywife16, Since this last post I have started the WGU program (I was accepted into the Sept 2016 cohort) and just finished the first 6 month preclinical term. I will be starting clinicals at Fountain Valley hospital in May. I like the program so far. It's flexible but you have a lot of extra support if needed. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions. I'm more than willing to help! Best of luck.
  13. GrenIedGal

    WGU BSN prelicensure inquiry

    kk pretty much summed it up quite well. i too am in this same cohort, but i will add that i'm a parent to two young children. to me the 'slower' program (it's still considered an ABSN) is a small price to pay for the flexibility that you are given. i did not want to sacrifice life with my family for the time commitment that a traditional program would require and i wanted to be able to schedule my study hours around the best schedule for my family. only you can make that judgement call. the first 6 months are VERY straight-forward where you are working through your pre-clinical classes that are ALL online. you will need to go to lab 3x during the first 6 months but no other times. then as stated above, once you're accepted into the clinical portion (term 2 onward) you will have a lab associated with that class (CASL 1, 2, Peds etc.) i can't comment on how it will go once we are required to be at clinical more frequently, but i am one of the students that have to commute to labs/clinicals that was mentioned above, and it's not too bad. of course, you'll need reliable childcare. feel free to PM me if you want any other information or how the program is for a parent--we have quite a few in our cohort who are parents, both working and non-working. it's doable! best of luck!
  14. GrenIedGal

    WGU Pre-licensing BSN for 2015

    Centercourt, I'm going to pm you with a few questions about our upcoming bootcamp later this week. Thanks! :)
  15. GrenIedGal

    WGU Pre-licensing BSN for 2015

    Vincent, they will evaluate all of your courses on an individual basis. They accepted some of mine that were older than 5 years but didn't accept others. Inquire with your admissions mentor.