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GrenIedGal has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. GrenIedGal

    UC Health (Colorado) Nurse Residency Program

    I don't have experience with UCHealth in particular but most residencies want to see you do your final preceptorship in the unit you are most interested/applying into. You said you don't graduate until May 2021, so try to set yourself up for a critical/intensive care final rotation and log those hours in ICU for experience and residency expectations. Good luck!
  2. GrenIedGal

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    Thanks for starting this! I will be applying to the NICU as well! Has anyone heard of any changes to the program (cohort size, in person/online classes etc) due to the pandemic? Best of luck to everyone. 🙂
  3. yesssss hhudson!! CONGRATS! 🙂 Very true grpyrRN! Let you all know if/when I get a change of status. 🙂
  4. CONGRATS guys! Mine still says 'active.' Wondering if this is unit specific.. Any NICU applicants forwarded to hiring manager already?
  5. Sorry to hear this, sendhelp. When did you apply (how long until you heard something)?
  6. Hi everyone! I applied for the NICU unit. I'm assuming it will be awhile until we hear, so settling in for the wait. 🙂 Best of luck to everyone!
  7. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    For those who were selected and started the Feb 2020 CHOC RN cohort, how is it going? I applied but wasn't selected and plan on applying again for August. Curious if anything will change as many new grad Summer programs are holding off. Seems CHOC will have theirs but wasn't sure if they planned to have in-person classes, if they'll hire the same number in the cohort, etc. Any information? Thanks everyone! 🙂
  8. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency August 2019

    Hi all! For those who started the Aug 2019 cohort with CHOC, curious how it is going. I am going to be applying again for August and would love to hear. Also, wondering if anything will change with regards to the cohort. Many of the children's hospitals (and adult) are pushing back their Summer cohorts due to coronavirus. Will there still be in-person classes etc? Any information would be appreciated! I look forward to applying again and the chance to be a CHOC RN! 🙂
  9. GrenIedGal

    What to choose, NICU vs PICU?

    Thanks, NICU Guy. I realized but thought I'd stir up some action from anyone that was on here before and how the decision went. I'm pretty certain NICU is my calling, and know this is a personal decision for everyone, but figured I'd ask how it went. 🙂 PS- I like your profile pic/message!
  10. GrenIedGal

    What to choose, NICU vs PICU?

    This has been a few years past now, but wondering how your NICU vs PICU experiences went and how you are enjoying being a specialized RN. I'm at a similar crossroads. 🙂 Thanks!
  11. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    I got an email and my status changed to 'process completed.' I also applied to CHOC NICU @ Mission. Wishing everyone luck on this journey! We'll all get there. 🙂
  12. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    I dont think CHOC has a time limit from graduation, just the amount of RN experience one has but this is not stated on the website. I would contact HR and inquire?? I am also in a similar situation, I graduated in Feb 2019 and was waiting on NICU at Mission (last round/s didn't have that unit/location so this was the first time I could apply since graduating.)
  13. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    Same. What unit did you apply to? I applied to the NICU @ Mission but haven't seen anyone post about that unit. I'm still listed as 'under consideration.' In the past, I've applied to other nursing positions (non-new grad) and when not selected it lists "process completed" after I received an email notifying I'm not qualified. I think they'll send out a mass email of those not selected and status will change. Hopefully we'll hear something this week!
  14. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    what facebook page? the only groups i can find on there are 2019 or earlier cohorts. is it specific to 2020 applicants?
  15. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    I looked on here for last year's (Feb 2019) cohort forum to compare dates and saw that people were still being contacted this week for interviews, and Mission applicants seemed to hear much later than Orange campus. One applicant heard 12/20 for a 12/27 interview! Another posted that a unit wasn't making decisions until the first week of Jan, after the holidays. So I guess if still 'under review' we're still being considered!
  16. GrenIedGal

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    I reached out to the nurse recruiter I was talking to before the applications opened. Will let you all know if I get any info! 🙂

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