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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    I talked to someone today and was told they would have all the scheduling by the 27th. Orientation day...That's not much time before classes start. I heard the lab wont start until week 2 and clinicals week 3, so it should just be the classes online week 1 and week 2 classes and the one lab (sat). That gives us a few more weeks to work out the schedule around clinicals. Welcome Nasha, How many hours are you guys working? I'm not working, but I have young children so I think that counts as a fulltime job Thankfully I have a great childcare provider that will have them during the week so I can do my online work and clinicals. It's happening so fast!!! I can't wait!

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    itcwall- They just said that they were working on it today, actually when I called. Ive been hassling them too about it cause it is not to soon before classes start and my job needs to know so they can accommodate ( if they even can). By the looks of it I will be very flexible with hours but I defintely do not want to overwhelm myself. and thanks for the forward!

    adamamber1- I am currently full time but I would need to go part time as much as 25-30 hours if possible. But that all depends on the scheduling and how I would be able to balance school work and life (sadly in that order) lol
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    adamaber do you mind sending Nash the booklist for some reason I can't open my docs.
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    no problem, sending it now Nash.
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    Thanks guys. I received the list. Looking at it they look a but pricy so idk if I want to wait it out and see which ones we actually need. For anyone at preparation day did they mention books at all and about which ones we would definitely need?

    And also for the $30 lab what does it include?

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    Check your NEU we have been registered but not for all of the classes yet
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    Did anyone who placed an order on prep day receive your uniform and supplies yet?
  9. 0 first bill was waiting for me when I finally was able to get my ID number and access my account..OUCH..I also was happy to see I was registered for 11 of the credits so far. I'm so excited for Monday!
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    did you guys see your clinical assignments they were posted yesterday

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