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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for this program, but they do for... Read More

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    Adamember did ******* happen to say when we we know our schedule for lab.
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    No she didn't say. I may email her and ask as I wasn't at the orientation. We should also all try to do a study group once we know our schedules. I would love to have a group to bounce things off of. Do we know what time our tests will be on Wednesdays and if it is every wednesday?
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    Yes a study group would be great. No they didn't say what time the test. they told us at orientation they would have our schedule's ready in two weeks and to date they still are not ready.
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    I'm getting my clinical clearance stuff completed and I am wondering what the CORI training is? I filled out the form, but what's the class that the acceptance packet talks about? Did anyone do this or know of this? Thanks
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    No we didnt do any class last time. maybe they will go over that next time
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    Hi! I will be part of the fall 2012 cohort. I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind sending me the booklist for the first semester. Is any one else also anxious that our schedules haven't been put up? Also, is anyone waiting to get the syllabus to order books, or are you planning on getting all of them before hand?

    My email is

    Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing you at orientation on the 27th!
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    Hi Deanna Claire, welcome and congrats!!! Im ordering my books now so I will have them on time. I will send you the book list now. I am anxious that I dont have a schedule, I'm trying to set up multiple schedules that will revolve around my schedule.
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    Hi Everyone!! A special HI to my Fall 2012 cohort classmates!! Hi im Nasha and I also will be starting this fall 2012. I am so glad I came to the site to get updated about the Prep Day and everything they discussed!. Everyone shared so much information (Thank you!). The thread answered so many questions and more!. I will be attending the Orientation Day (anyone else attending?!).

    I would like to know if anyone could forward the textbook list to me as well, I would really appreciate it. My email is Thank you so much.

    By the talk to the thread I definitely need to catch up on things as I got put behind because my vacation (which was well-needed before entering such an intense program). For the CORI forms, is two things we need to do.. online and send the attached background check? and for our health records we can just send them via fax?

    thanks again, Nash
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    Also I wanted to know if anyone could shed some more light on the scheduling. My job is luckily trying to work around my school schedule and they are hassling me about my hours and need to know ASAP. I had called this afternoon and said they were working on it today. But only who knows when I will be able to get at least a rough estimation about the days, times, and options. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Hi Nash my job is hassling me as well about my hours ? What exactly did they say they are working on the lab schedule or them clinical schedule. Yes for the cori I think we have to complete both they haven't really said much about tha yet. I can email you the booklist tomorrow when I get to work

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