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Hello! Is anyone applying to MBCC for Fall 2011? I didn't get in last year, this year I'll have a 4.0 GPA and 30 credits all from Mass Bay. I really hope to get in this time but the system seems... Read More

  1. by   IrishMommy
    Do you have any scheduled teaching labs? As I said before they have completely changed the curriculum for the incoming September class so I can only tell you what we did. The labs were only in NU100 (your first semester) one day a week for 3 hours.They are labs for teaching skills like taking vital signs, transfering patients, dressings, med administration, etc. We were also required to pass competency testing on these skills on test days. Remediation lab is for people who have failed a skill test or if a clinical instructor feels you need more practice with a certain skill. We also had open lab time to practice our skills which I highly recommend attending if they still offer it.
    You may not know what your actual schedule is until the first week of classes (we never did).
  2. by   mastudent
    Thanks IrishMommy. I have a Health Assessment Skills Lab Mon or Wed 8-11, but also these "Open Lab for Testing" times, 4 hrs on a Friday and 5 hrs on a Monday. Just wasn't sure what these were. Maybe it's during this time that we're tested on skills learned in the teaching lab. I'm trying to get an answer from the college but haven't heard back yet. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  3. by   MashkinM
    Hey guys,
    I hope all is well. Quick question did anyone hear when our books will be available for purchase?
  4. by   mastudent
    I think they said at the Study Skills session in late Aug - but I might be wrong!
  5. by   MashkinM
    Thank you mastudent... I haven't gotten any info on study skills session yet, but I hope we can get our books soon so I can get a jump start on reading...
  6. by   mastudent
    Me neither, I think they said the last week of August, but haven't heard for sure yet.
  7. by   hypercaffeinated
    Hey all,

    I am starting at Massbay ADN day program this Sept. However, I have no idea when we are going to know our schedules, and I have sent a couple emails to some of the administration about important questions I have had, and have gotten no replies! One of the things I need to know is about that darn nutrition class. I am one of the people who was advised to take nutrition beforehand, so I took the 3 credit class. Then the faculty at the orientation said that the 3 credit class doesn't count, only the 2 credit class, and that we would have to take the 2 credit one over the summer. There were a bunch of us who had already taken the 3 credit class, though, so the dean said she would consider giving us credit. She sent me an email saying she would make a descision by the 15th. I wonder if anyone is in the same situation as me? I send out emails and cross my fingers that someone replies! I have a feeling I am going to drive them nuts over the next two years!
  8. by   milksteak
    SCHEDULES aren't known til thr dirt week..think lecture is Monday tand wed..then lab one day after lecture or on tues/Thursday..and clinical on either tues these or Fri depending on ur schedule.
  9. by   MashkinM
    All this info is making me more confused... Question for those of you who are in evening program the classes that we registered for fall pharmacology and found. Nursing what days is it on? I thought it Tuesday and Wednesday only...
  10. by   homewithtali
    I am evening nursing in Sept and Tuesday and Wed nights is what I understood too. I will be taking Lifespan psych on mondays too.
  11. by   fscjess
    Quote from lizbee227
    I agree pristock. My friend who got accepted got her letter on April 1st. I would rather have my letter and just officially receive my answer so that my life isn't being played with or put on hold for anyone. I was shocked to learn that many intelligent students in some of my other classes were also rejected from the program. And when I say intelligent, I mean they might as well have become doctors, PAs or NPs... I'm sorry to have to be this blunt (and I really don't mean to offend anyone or hurt their feelings), but at this point to anyone who hasn't received a letter yet, just either assume you've been rejected or waitlisted.

    As for me, I guess I'll be looking into Accelerated BSN programs and see who will take me then... (I would laugh if MassBay tried to contact me after all of this)
    I was in the same boat. I even had a degree from MassBay in Computer Science, 3.96 GPA, tutored, worked in their lab, and won their program award. And I was rejected. BUT...I got into Curry's ACCEL progam and although I will be spending oodles more money, I will graduate with my Bachelors Degree after only 16 months of school. I am now glad that MassBay has a messed up admissions system! Ha! Their loss!
  12. by   MashkinM
    @homewithtali, So do you know if these are the only days that we will be required to be in class? during 1st semester? im trying to change my work schedule and i would hate to tell my doctor one thing and then end up with another and mess patient times and create huge inconvenience for everyone...
  13. by   homewithtali
    It is my understanding that Tues & Wed are the only nights in class for us. I don't rememeber them telling us anything else. I think the labs etc that the day students are talking about start in January for us. If you want to be 100 percent certain, I would put in a call to them. Let me know if you find out anything different please!