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Hello! Is anyone applying to MBCC for Fall 2011? I didn't get in last year, this year I'll have a 4.0 GPA and 30 credits all from Mass Bay. I really hope to get in this time but the system seems so secretive. Is there any... Read More

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    I found out a while ago i called ad talked to Mrs.**** ( i have completted all of the pr and co-req) that i got in into evening program that was supposed to start Jan'11 but they canceled it and moved it to Sep'11 (which placed me almost 6 month behind )... a month ago i got a packet and few days ago they mailed out information for accepted students regarding orientation... im wondering if this cancelation of Jan backed everyone up?... and answer regarding Nutrition I was told by one of the Nursing admins that it most likely will be added to the curriculum so i was advised to take it... Good luck ladies! Homewithtali i guess i will be seeing you in class!
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    Does anyone know how well (or otherwise) the Mass Bay program is regarded? I know Regis is considered to be great but I don't have any sense of whether the Mass Bay program is considered to be good.
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    As far as I know MassBay for community college has an excellent program, its the only college that offers truly night program for nursing... However I have done research and have few friends who attending Regis and they say it's great and very fast paced! I think if money is not an issue Regis it is... MassBay fraction of Regis cost! and only minus so far with MassBay its a bit disorganized but I guess it comes with cost of tuition...
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    I don't think Mass Bay's program is very highly regarded but it does have it's accredidation again now, so that is a plus. My hope was to get my Associates at mass bay and save the money on those two years and then finish my bachelors at Regis in hopes that job perspectives would look more highly on my more recent schooling. For less expensive and still well regarded nursing programs, I have heard great things about Quinsig and Massasoit. You have to wonder with Mass Bay if they can't keep it staffed with teachers, (this is the reason they cut so many spots this year and cancelled last years January start night class) what is wrong?
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    Hello from an almost(1 more week!) MBCC ADN graduate. I can tell you a bit about the RN program. There have been MAJOR changes in the nursing faculty administration, mostly all for the better, over the past 10 months. They are also in the process of reviewing, remodeling and streamlining the cirriculum for the fall semester and it sounds like it is going to be really great for the incoming class.
    I think with any program, you need to make the most of your experiences. You are going to get out of it exactly what you put into it.
    The evening program at MassBay has not been cancelled, they have adjusted the start from January to September (not sure why).
    Good luck to you all whatever school you choose!
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    Congratulations IrishMommy - I wish you all the best from here on! What are your plans now?

    It's very encouraging to hear that they are making positive changes. I have orientation in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to finding out more about clinicals/schedules etc. I will have some complicated childcare plans to put into action!! I'd love to hear more about your experiences - for example, where were your clinicals?

    Thanks again - and once more, congrats!
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    Looking forward to meeting you mastudent! Looks like we will be in the same class...
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    Be very careful with them. I was in the Fall2010 program and my instructor constantly talked about the program getting shutdown. So if you get in somewhere else, consider it!!!!
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    Hi snipsnapsnap, if you don't mind me asking but what exactly happened within the program? Also, did you leave and if so, what school are you attending now?
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    Congratulations Irish Mommy! Thanks for filling us in on the program. I hope you have had a good experience. How are the job prospects looking for newbies? I wish you luck and would love to hear about where you end up...if it was someplace you had clinical etc.

    Congratulations to maskinm and mastudent too. I feel a little caught up now that I have read through your notes and hope to meet you at orientation soon. I just have to make it through finals this week!

    I was glad to hear about the major changes in the program. Not thrilled about the new HESI exam or about adding Nutrition and Life Span Psych to the list but understand that it helps make us more competative with other schools. I was considering continuing on to Framingham State for my bachelors (if I make it through) but would love to go to could be cost prohibitive for me though. Anyway, one step at a time! Have a great day..

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