Im so freak out about the entrance exam at Greater Lowell Tech !!! - page 19

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Hi y'all I'm taking the test this upcoming saturday (the 1st entrance test) at Greater Lowell and I will like some advices/opinions/essays topics of those who took it already....I'm just scared about the essay because I have no... Read More

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    anybody wanna stick around tomorrow after school to study fundies?
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    I have created a Facebook group for everyone ! Search for GLTS LPN Class Of 2014
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    @kayyyyd - I couldn't find it.
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    it should pull up the group if you type exactly GLTS LPN , if it doesn't let you I can add you to my friends list and invite you.
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    Please don't post FB links. You can however post the name of the page. Thanks everyone.
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    @kayyyyyd I pm'd you my email if you can add me. Ty.
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    @maddiex13 I can't find you! Must be private, possible . PM me your first and last name .. Maybe I can find it that way .! Or search me.
    I can't private message yet. I only have 5 posts lol and u need 15 I guess.

    Kaileigh Donovan
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    cant find it either
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    @nakiwala , it must be because my page is private, even though I set the settings of the group to open.
    Search me , if you want. And I can add you to the group!
    I will let people know tomorrow to search me and add the group.
    Maybe there's another way I can fix it on the desktop.
    Kaileigh Donovan
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    Mail me if u can this sat I am giving teas teast at greater tech, let me know hows the test easy ot hard