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  1. bluemoon23

    Is Rivier College a good school?

    What they are looking for statement of purpose?
  2. bluemoon23

    Is Rivier College a good school?

    I am applying for next Spring 2022, need advice on rivier lpn to asn program. Is it worth doing it.
  3. bluemoon23

    NACE 1

    I am planning to give the test in couple of weeks. Any study guide for exam
  4. Still u are interested in selling the books
  5. But u have old version this year they have new version than last year. Send me message.
  6. bluemoon23

    Greater Lowell Tech 2015

    I have been also accepted in the evening program, i am also thrilled for the program.
  7. I Wor in the hospital at night as cna, I drop hour to 20. Good it will be nice studynamic group. You will be in.
  8. Thanks, ya by this time day program is full, I wanted evening due to kids and work overnight in hospital. Due u have any medical experience they see and do not be nervous he is pretty good. He will ask u why u want to be lpn. Let me know if u get in. U shall know in a weej. I got my letter in a week. Good luck.
  9. No the interview is basic information, it's e information
  10. I am in the evening class congratulations for getting in
  11. Mail me if u can this sat I am giving teas teast at greater tech, let me know hows the test easy ot hard
  12. bluemoon23

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN Program 2013

    Can u tell me what essay they ask
  13. bluemoon23

    Greater Lowell Tech. LPN Program

    I am.apply ing this year
  14. bluemoon23

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

    Do u know what topic they ask for essay as I am planning next month
  15. bluemoon23


    its easy to go in or they have waiting list i am planning to apply can u give me more details how they work
  16. bluemoon23

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN Program 2013

    do u know how the essay work u have to pick ur topic or they give a topic. do u need prerequisite