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  1. @kayyyyyd I pm'd you my email if you can add me. Ty.
  2. @kayyyyd - I couldn't find it.
  3. & @Hurryupandwork you better get your butt a good alarm because there is no being late! LOL! You heard what they said about locking the door. HAHA.
  4. I just finished the modules all printed and ready to go! I am so excited for tomorrow. See you all then!! Do you think we will be there for the full day?
  5. Vitiana and I sat in the back together the last few nights in the middle row. I probably talked to both of you LOL. What a great deal for that book Nakiwala!! I am going to look for that book soon. I think it will be helpful.
  6. Nakiwala, where did you sit?!
  7. Anna, You didn't miss too much from not going to boot camp. It was just basically a whole lot of test taking techniques and note taking techniques. The best thing about boot camp week was meeting with the former students that was what made it all worth while to me. It helped to see that you can actually survive this and that it is all very doable! I was so overwhelmed with the info they had for us but at the same time so grateful to have the opportunity to talk to people who have been in our shoes! Less than 2 weeks and we will be starting! Rest up, do something fun, and try not to think about school because before we know it that is all we will have time to think about! :) See you all very soon!
  8. Hi Renee, Congratz on completing the program!! And thanks for the advice! Did you use all of the required books for assignments and what not? Do you suggest us buying the optional books?
  9. Thanks for the info Hurryupandwork. I have been watching the prices on Amazon and I bought two of the books from there already. I have free two day shipping with them because I signed up as a college student (its only for 6 months though). I found that if I buy the remaining that I need from school right now I would save like 40-50$ rather than buying them from Amazon. "/ Guess I will keep watching and hope for some deals. I did also ask a former student about the optional books like the lpn and med surg notes books and she said she never even opened them so I am going to hold off on those. With waiving some classes I will be saving money as well. Im looking at roughly 470$ for the books I need with shipping from the school.
  10. Hey Everyone. I was just wondering how book buying has been coming along? I have been trying to price compare but I have had very little luck finding places that are significantly cheaper than the schools site. The shipping from the schools site is expensive! $30+ for all or a good majority of the books required. As if the books themselves are not expensive enough. "/
  11. Congratz!! That is awesome. I did not attend the medical term class. I will be attending the boot camp week though for sure!
  12. kayd .. were you accepted into day or night?
  13. Actually, I found out that you can use loans for books if you pay up front and have enough to cover the tuition, they will reimburse you the first week of school as long as you have a receipt to prove the purchase. Also keep in mind aid/loans are given out in two portions: one the beginning of the year and the second half some time in Jan or so. So from what I gathered from a convo I had with the financial aid woman she said I could take extra money to cover the tuition ($4000) and the books and then when I get the rest of the money in Jan. I could just pay back what I didn't need or use. I still need to clarify a few things with her but this was my understanding.
  14. @Lizzy I bought it from amazon but I just found out about a site called half.com and they sell books cheap too (or so I have heard) I haven't got a chance to check out the books on there yet. If I find anything else I will share the info. Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!
  15. I just purchased the book for the boot camp class the Test Success book on amazon it was listed as used-good condition but the book actually looks brand new doesn't look like it was every opened! :) And I got it for a cheaper price than what the school was selling it for.
  16. Thanks for the info. I will try to email her sometime soon and ask her about older editions after I have some time to look into the books and what not. I will post once I find out the answer. Just because I want to save as much money as I possibly can. I'm a broke girl now a days paying all of this money out. LOL!!