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  1. by   AmesRT6510
    Now the waiting game begins... this is the worst part! We have to wait almost two months! My application says Committee Ready which I'm sure it will say for a long time. Someone in admissions said that they send letters in November. I wish it was faster somehow! Good luck to everyone
  2. by   SB113
    Quote from eodenwal
    I hope it works out for you, SB113! I've been volunteering at UMMC now for a few months and have never felt unsafe walking in the area during the afternoon/early evening, but this past weekend I was followed by a really loud, aggressive guy for about 3 blocks. I was with two other people when it happened and we wound up literally running up to a cop to ask for help. It really shook me up and got me thinking about the safety around campus. Anyone familiar with Baltimore? Is this a common occurrence or more of an isolated incident? I really appreciate any advice! I'm not at all familiar with the area.
    Do you walk to the hospital or do you drive? I drive and have the shuttle driver take me to my parking garage! I personally think it is extremely scary down there at night, and I would not feel safe walking. Glad you got help and glad everything is okay, but seriously, if you drive let the shuttle driver take you to your car!!
  3. by   amc074
    I had been planning on taking the light rail in and then walking to school if I got accepted, but now I'm nervous! I remember going into the city in high school and walking around with friends and never really having a problem, but now I wonder if that's because we pretty much just stayed in the Inner Harbor area. Would other people who have more experience with the UMB area recommend driving and parking in the garage and walking over rather than walking all the way from the light rail near like Lexington Market?
  4. by   AmesRT6510
    I work at Hopkins main campus and would say that I view all areas of Baltimore the same... take caution when going anywhere by yourself. Don't carry a lot of valuables and don't text while your walking. Our security team told us in orientation to carry at 20 on us so that we have something to give someone if they stop you. This is probably specific to the Hopkins area because it is pretty unsafe. I have recently started parking on the street near Hopkins and it has been okay. I would just say to be alert and travel in groups if possible. Be aware of the safer streets/not so safe streets. I would imagine U of MD has security guards around similar to Hopkins so you may even be able to set up an escort to your car.
  5. by   amc074
    Thanks for the info! I've never heard of the 20 suggestion before.

    I already am getting anxious waiting for my admissions decision! I want to go to UMB so bad and don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until November for a decision. I've been accepted at two other schools and I was excited about them at first, but now I almost feel like I only want to go to UMB. They're really great schools but far away and I'm scared of moving across the country by myself. They're also accelerated programs and I just finished my first bachelors in three years so I almost feel like I've had enough of 18+ semester course loads and also want breaks to be able to get externships. I'll have to wait and see when I get my decision but right now I'm feeling like if I don't get in I'd rather just not start school in January and reapply to UMB for the fall. I wonder how many applications they ended up getting for the spring; I know there was a surge in applications for most schools over the past few years but I wonder if it has leveled off yet or if it is continuing to increase each semester.
  6. by   lisnur
    Amc074, I'm wondering the same thing. I know when I went to one of the info sessions, I was told they get over 300 applications and only accept like 80 or so. That was over a year ago, and I know Spring semester is different. As far as parking, I never really thought about it. The two times I visited campus, I just parked and went on my way. I would be mostly worried about walking to and from the parking garage at night time. I wonder if anyone else knows more about this?

    And SB113, I am so sorry that happened to you! I can't imagine how you much feel. I hope your other schools work out for you! It sounds like Towson is a great school from your experiences.

    I had a dream last night that I got a big accpetance letter for UMSON. I was jumping around and thanking god! It was great... until I woke up.
  7. by   hopefulthoughts
    Hi everyone! I'm just like everyone on this thread- I applied for the Spring 2013 at UMSON.
    Reading everyone's comments, I am also super nervous! But I guess the only thing I CAN do, is to just put my efforts into this semester. I hope to hear good news from everyone soon; don't stress too much and have an kick-butt semester! Hehe and I'll check up here once in a while
  8. by   amc074
    Has anyone spoken with someone from the school to find out when exactly we might be hearing back? From looking at past threads it seems like definitely not until November, but I'm wondering if now that all the applications are if they have an idea about whether it might be early or late November.
  9. by   yujinee91
    Hi, everyone. I have applied for spring 2013 for UMSON. Has anyone got an idea about the interview? I heard the candidates might have interviews with the committee. Does anyone have an idea when it would be? As far as I know, the admission decision is released around the first week of November. Then, the interview should be on October. Or Have anyone already had an interview? Please help me out!
  10. by   amc074
    Did you apply for the BSN program or CNL program? I'm pretty sure only CNL has interviews (unless they are changing something for this admissions cycle). If that's the case I would imagine you would hear sometime in October about an interview date and would hear back probably mid-November about a decision.
  11. by   yujinee91
    I applied for BSN program. I didn't know only CNL has interviews. Anyway thank you for helping me out cuz I was getting nervous about the interview.
  12. by   guest10
    For those of you waiting to hear from UMB, there are some things you could be doing in anticipation of being accepted. First, get the right CPR card - American Heart Association Healthcare Provider or American Red Cross Professional Rescuer/healthcare provider. They are the ONLY acceptable ones except for the military equivalent certifications. Second, get started on your immunizations. You will find the Student Medical and Immunization form on the website under Accepted Students which will tell you most of what is required. Get a flu shot. Review Anatomy & Physiology. Look up medical terminology, especially the Latin roots for words. But most of all, be positive! Best of luck to all of you.
  13. by   AmesRT6510
    Thanks!! Do you know when we should expect to start hearing back?