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  1. SB113

    CCBC, Fall 2011 Applicants =)

    I just checked SIMON, and Meise's name no longer appears as the instructor...it is now Hughes. So, evidently, Doug was telling the truth :)
  2. SB113

    CCBC, Fall 2011 Applicants =)

    I have been coming home every day after work, before picking up my three kids, just to check the mailbox. I got my letter today, and I am still at a loss of what the h*ll the wait list entails. Like others said, they won't tell you where you are on the list...so...I am not remaining positive here. PLUS, I just received my final grade for the semester (A&P II) and I barely, and I mean BARELY, got a "C". Yes, that's all I need, but I can guarantee you that when they look at that wait list again, they are throwing me to the curb. So... I was already registered in both A&P II (again), as well as a Math class (my Math grade was a "D" from TWENTY years ago, and since I am "old" and had no clue about this whole application process...I didn't retake it...anyhow), BUT, for some stupid reason in the back of my mind I am still thinking that "just in case I get called", there is no need for me to actively be IN those classes when they make those calls, because then that would be a huge waste of money, time, energy, etc. I cancelled them and registered for the last 3 classes that will land me my AA in General Studies, and will retake Math and A&P II in the Fall or next Spring...if need be. I see that there is a mandatory orientation in the beginning of June, which wouldn't help us on the wait list as the letter stated they review the wait listed after the Spring grades, and send out a final letter in late June. I was RIGHT on the borderline of Advanced for my TEAS, but didn't retake it to gain that level. I have taken many of my classes at CCBC, whether now or 20 years ago when it was still Essex CC :). In my mind I am way at the bottom of the wait list, but I am clueless as to how many people are on there in the first place. It would be nice to know something, anything, to give us a little more understanding of all of this. Besides, not knowing isn't helping us plan our future much either Sorry this is so long, but after the letter today, I felt a vent coming on :)
  3. SB113

    CCBC, Fall 2011 Applicants =)

    Just as an FYI... Mine said "waitlist" before it changed to "decision mailed" and it ALLOWED me to register for Dosage. I only did it to see what would happen, for I have no clue how long the waitlist is, or what it even means. Anyhow, even though mine did NOT say accepted, it allowed me to register. Sharon
  4. I was wondering...do you think they really wait until the end of the current semester to see how students did in their current classes before accepting them? I mean, from what I've heard from a BIG source at the college is, "you are entered into a computer, and it ranks you." Does it really take 8 weeks for a computer to do that? I know there is an overabundance of apps, but still :) Any thoughts? Help?
  5. Okay, I just took the online, paid, practice test and did AWFUL!!! My Science is atrocious (not good since I plan on being a Nurse, eh?). Anyhow, I certainly MUST study, but now am at my the peak of stressing and don't know where to start. To those who have already taken the TEAS and done well, do I need to study anywhere else BESIDES the purchased study guide? I know the questions will be different, but will everything I need to know be in this guide in some way, shape or form? I certainly don't have the time, energy, patience, or money to go out and buy a Life Science, Chemistry, and Biology textbook, you know? Any help would be awesome at this point! Thanks, Sharon
  6. SB113

    CCBC Prereqs

    Hi there, If it's any help, I personally took BIOL 100 at Dundalk, during the Spring, in the evening :) So yes, at least last Spring they offered it! Good luck! Sharon
  7. Hello all! I am already preparing myself for this coming Spring, and I figured I would ask the "experts" , who they recommend...or do not recommend...for Anatomy and Physiology I, at CCBC (either Essex or Dundalk). My current Biology instructor teaches, and I really like her, so I also hoping that someone mentions her Hope to hear some input soon! Sharon