Housing near University of Maryland, Baltimore

  1. Hey, I will be graduate student next fall and I will be moving from the West Coast. Can you recommend a safe area near campus?Is it true that most apartments come with a washer/dryer? That it is hard to find pet friednly apts? and parking is hard to find?

    I stayed across from the inner harbor when I was out there to interview, but did not really get an acurate picture of the area.

    Also, if you are looking for a roommate, let me know I would rather share. I would also appreciate any information regarding life in Baltimore. Thanks guys
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  3. by   love-d-OR
    There has to be at least one person in this site of over 400,000 members kind enough to speak on the neighborhoods in Baltimore...
  4. by   Student4_life
    Um, safe and near the school don't really go hand in hand. That's just my experience from going up to Baltimore.

    It seems to me that once students get into schools they stop posting here, so there is going to be very little offered by current UMB students. But you can dig thru the latter half of any of the admissions threads and see where everyone else decided to move to. There is also a site called city data that will offer alot more help on where to live in Baltimore.
  5. by   Jules A
    Do a search in this section, there are a couple of threads that come to mind with a lot of information on the different Baltimore neighborhoods. Welcome, the whole Baltimore/DC are is pretty nice, imo.
  6. by   aimswenk
    Honestly, I found a place a mile from school that allowed me to have my dog and had ample parking on craigslist. I know it sounds shady but it's done well for me through school. Give it a shot.

    I wouldn't consider anywhere in Baltimore "safe." It's all relative here.

    When you do find somewhere online, make sure and see exactly where it is. The real cheap places will likely be in real shady parts of town.

    If you're a grad student I think there are apartments nearby that give preference. Not sure though.

    Good luck!
  7. by   worldonastrng
    Lots of young people live in Fells Point. Its not very far. Bottom line is, however, Baltimore is sketchy!
  8. by   BaltimoreHon
    Baltimore is made up of over 200 distinct neighborhoods. One area may be good and then a couple blocks away it changes. If you are still needing a place message me for suggestions. I will be happy to help.
  9. by   gunrock
    I'm going to venture and say that most people who are saying so many negative things about Baltimore, have really never lived here and if they have lived here never gave it a chance.

    Baltimore has many amazing neighborhoods, and yes it can be "sketchy", but it's like living in any big city...use common sense.

    A lot of Hopkins nursing students live in Mt Vernon, Fells Point and Charles Village, mainly due to it being on the Hopkins shuttle line. Since you're going to UM check out Federal Hill also.

    If you're looking to share, many new students move into Fells Point in the fall, also Hopkins's school of nursing has a message board that is public for incoming nursing students, wouldn't hurt to shoot a few of those people an email (go to their website and go to "accepted students"). There will be a whole new class starting in August.

    Anyways good luck, Baltimore is a great city if you give it a chance...I moved out here from the West Coast and have really enjoyed my time here.

    The best advice I can give you is to actually visit the area and look at the homes...one block in Baltimore can be VERY different from the next, you cannot just go by the neighborhood

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