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  1. aimswenk

    RN licensure fingerprints

    thanks! I don't have a nursing license currently, I am graduating in may. I have my FL CNA and paramedic though, and I needed fingerprints for at least one of those, so I wasn't sure if they needed another set. thanks for the links! much appreciated.
  2. aimswenk

    RN licensure fingerprints

    Hey all! I'm going to be applying for initial RN licensure through Florida, but already have 2 other licenses through the Dept of Health and they have my fingerprints on file. Does anyone know if I have to resubmit fingerprints for my RN? I called and asked but the woman who answered didn't seem very sure of her answer :) Thanks!
  3. lilarn2: Congrats on the job! Are there different cohorts for the different specialty areas or are you all combined? Do you know where you're going to be placed? Do you know how much more per hour they pay BSN's? Thanks!
  4. aimswenk

    Nursing in Tallahassee and/or Melbourne, FL

    The thing is too... if you move to Melbourne you're only an hour or so from Orlando... plenty to choose from there.
  5. aimswenk

    Housing near University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Honestly, I found a place a mile from school that allowed me to have my dog and had ample parking on craigslist. I know it sounds shady but it's done well for me through school. Give it a shot. I wouldn't consider anywhere in Baltimore "safe." It's all relative here. When you do find somewhere online, make sure and see exactly where it is. The real cheap places will likely be in real shady parts of town. If you're a grad student I think there are apartments nearby that give preference. Not sure though. Good luck!
  6. aimswenk

    CNL FALL 2011

    Hi there - I'm graduating in May from the CNL program. They give you an option of 16 or 21/24 (depending on which semester you're admitted for) months for completion. If you choose 16, be ready for a heavy course load - especially in the first and last semester. I don't remember how long it took to hear back though, I'm sorry. And the initial deposit a couple years ago was $400. Good luck!
  7. Of course you should try to apply! No harm in trying. There's more of a patient demand than there are nurses employed to meet the demand... but there are a number of reasons why more nurses cannot/are not being hired.
  8. aimswenk

    What's up with Florida Hospital?

    I was finally forwarded to someone who could actually help me. They re-opened my application, said they'd still like to consider me, and apologized for the error. Phew! I definitely would have gone there in person, but I'm in school in Baltimore :). Thanks for everyone's input!
  9. aimswenk

    What's up with Florida Hospital?

    I have a 3.5 but haven't graduated yet. I remember there being a question about that at the end, but I received the declination email before I had even put in work history. I made extra sure this second time around that I pressed the correct buttons, I didn't hit anything extraneous. Thanks for the tip though!
  10. aimswenk

    What's up with Florida Hospital?

    I've tried twice to apply for new graduate nursing positions there and both times there's a declination email in my mailbox before I've even finished or submitted the application. There's no HR number listed anywhere and when I finally got to HR through the hospital switchboard, the woman connected me to someone who could "help me" and the call went to a phone w/no voice mail or personal message. Their graduate nurse webpage is also pretty outdated with many links not working (I mean the copyright date is 2004) and their Link to Your Future phone line never gets me to a real person. Am I missing something or doing something backwards here?
  11. aimswenk

    Grad nurse positions in Brevard County

    thank you!!
  12. aimswenk

    relocation question

    yes i'll be moving into a house long term. i know the exact address and could actually receive mail there now if i had to. i'll be applying to jobs throughout this semester and think that really just might be easier anyway.
  13. aimswenk

    relocation question

    I'm relocating to Florida after graduation in May. I know where I'll be living... is it better for applications to put that future address down, even though I don't technically live there yet? I don't want to lie, but I'm assuming having an address so far away may change how attractive a candidate I am? Thanks!