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I'm renting a place that's about 3 miles from my nursing school and I will be living by myself. The problem I encountered with this is....I cannot cook to save my own life lol :p I'm still a youngster and have ALWAYS had my... Read More

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    supercook.com is a great website I use. Mind you, part of my original education is learning to cook.... but there are a TON of easy recipes out there.

    on this site, you just put in your ingredients and it makes of list of recipes you can complete with what you have and then it gives you recipes where all you need to do is buy this item or that item.

    plus you can search for specific dishes like chicken dishes, or potato dishes, or egg dishes.

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    I tell ya, get you a steamer. They are super easy to use and easy to clean up. They make great chicken strips and brocolli. Also, you need to get some more real nutrition, so learn to like v8 and oranges and fruit juice. I like a vitamin and slim fast for breakfast, Chicken sandwich on wheat bread for lunch, and veggie soup for supper, and have fruit juice/oranges for 10am/3am break. That gives you a good little food pyramid.
    Its hard to find a can of veggie soup that actually has veggies in it,,so buy an extra can of beans and put over in it. Salads are great too.

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