Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area.... Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area.... | allnurses

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Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area....

  1. 0 I thought a visual would be nice for us once folks have placed their preference vote.

    Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Forum. That poll can be viewed here:

    Good comparison threads when viewed together.
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  2. Poll: My goal/desire after school is to work in this area of Nursing.

    • Emergency Room

      28.14% 592
    • Perioperative

      4.37% 92

      21.48% 452
    • Pediatrics/PICU/NICU

      7.98% 168
    • Physical Rehab

      1.09% 23
    • Medical

      0.67% 14
    • Med Surg

      5.85% 123
    • Psychiatry/Chemical Dependency/Detox

      4.85% 102
    • L&D/Maternity

      1.57% 33
    • Oncology

      2.00% 42
    • Long Term Care/Geriatrics

      1.19% 25
    • Hospice

      1.38% 29
    • Management

      1.52% 32
    • Independent Practice

      0.81% 17
    • Education

      1.14% 24
    • Sales/Pharmaceuticals

      0.81% 17
    • Nursing Law

      0.76% 16
    • Home Health Care

      0.62% 13
    • Case Management

      0.33% 7
    • Outpatient/Physician Office

      0.86% 18
    • Research

      1.14% 24
    • Transport/Flight Nursing

      7.22% 152
    • Other

      4.23% 89
    2104 Votes
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    I can't decide! But shoot, I'm only a pre-nursing student...so I only know about the specialties what I've read and heard. I've seen the workings of hospice, to a certain extent, and LTC...since we just placed my grandma in a nursing home. I'm kinda drawn towards critical care, but, hospice/ltc nurses now have a very special place in my heart. So...I can't decide. :d And then it's like every time I read about some speciality, I think ooo that sounds fun...I want to try that! So, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

    Oh, wolfie...I forgot to add...your posts about psych nursing have me considering that bit. :d And I've overcome a lot of obstacles in my life, so some people say I'd be a good canidate for rehab...and it seems very rewarding!
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    #2 0
    no transport nursing option
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    Can we marry Peds and ER?

    I see myself eventually as a Pediatric NP in the ER of a Peds hospital. And then education - I love to teach
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    Quote from Rocky_Griffin
    no transport nursing option
    Your wish is granted.
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    I think I'll probably lean towards ED work. I really love working pre-hospital, especially outdoor semi-remote (ski patrol), so I (and my family and friends) figure the ED is where I'll be happiest.
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    What do you consider Independent Practice to be?
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    do you feel your options are limited?
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    I really want to become an RNFA, so I hope out of school I land a position in the affiliated hospital in the OR and maybe get some OJT as a scrub instead of being a steady circ. If all else fails, I'll just go to scrub tech school since the RNFA programs require a 2 year minimum experience.
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    Gotta get my CRNA. I will not be satisfied until I do... I like the ER/ICU stuff alot too, but I have 2 anesthesiologists helping me through the in and outs of the medical profession so I kinda take after them. Never know, I might wind up in med-school for anesthesia if I can't stay out of college.
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    CRNA is my passion too. I have a long way too go but I'm focused
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    #11 0

    for now i want to be a E.R nurse.

    not yet have an idea about the other field(im just a second yr BSN)
    my professor in ana Physio works as a E.R nurse, he told us about this. and i find this one adventurous
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    #12 0
    I think I would like to learn more about being an OR nurse. The idea of seeing all sorts of operations and procedures fascinates me. I'm also very interested in working in a burn unit. I saw a program about some of the things they are doing to heal burned skin and it's really amazing.