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I was wondering how many of you guys out there, faced the same problem I have. Females whining about nearly almost everything?? I thought living with my mom and lil sister for 19 years, and my blonde... Read More

  1. by   jov
    Interesting...the comments about the "older students" being the ones that argue with instructors, argue with nurses and medics, etc. I **guess** I qualify as an older female student (47, ya think?) and I would like to put out there that possibly what you are seeing here is the realization that comes with age that The People In Charge don't always know everything and older people are more willing to challenge and confront (at least if you were raised post-60's). This comes from myriad personal experiences of having every one from sales clerks to government employees to personal physicians to real estate agents saying..."really?...hmm... I guess I didn't think of that" when you brought up an overlooked point. In fact, it can benefit the entire class. I'm thinking in particular of Assessment Skills 101, where the lecture was on lung sounds, and the instructor was reading from the book where it said lung sounds in a patient with a consolidated pneumonia would be increased. I questioned her on that. She repeated it. I repeated back "lungs sounds in a patient with a consolidated pneumonia would be increased, not decreased?" She nodded. I said " I disagree." She said, "I do too." Now, it may be that I'm coming from previous training/experience as a paramedic (a card I play close to the chest) when I say lung sounds in a patient with a consolidated pneumonia will be decreased; regardless, see what questioning can bring forth? So take it with a grain of salt when the older females argue... perhaps in another 20 years you will understand better...
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Cutting the op some slack here . . . .but I have to agree that there is alot of whining.

    In fact, when I was an anatomy proctor, we made t-shirts for the professor that said "No Whining".

    And the truth is SOMETIMES SOME women get together and "man-bash" or "work-bash".

    There is one male RN where I work who is a terrible gossip too by the way.

    Irwin - sounds like you are doing well, from your further posts.

    Good luck.