Male RNs, What Areas of Nursing Are Looking for Them?

  1. I'm starting clinicals soon and so I'm curious if anyone has ideas on which type of RN work is looking for male RNs. I've heard emergency/trauma rooms seem to be a place where they are hired but does anyone have any other areas where they've seen male RNs.

    Any advice or information is appreciated......
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  3. by   elkpark
    I see "RNs of the male persuasion" in every area of the large academic medical center in which I work (and I work with a consulting service, and do go everywhere in the medical center).
  4. by   Assailants
    I see males RNs on every unit maybe besides L&D, postpartum, antepartum..even then I am sure they exist.
  5. by   DeBerham
    I worked antepartum for a few months (assigned by the military, def not my choice) and that was pretty miserable. Currently work ER. I've also worked on a surgical floor and psych. You can find males just about everywhere except the above mentioned units.
  6. by   HouTx
    Legally, no clinical area can "look" for males unless it is a bonafide occupational qualification (BOQ). So, this would be limited to environments in which females were not allowed to practice due to a legitimate reason. Otherwise, it is a flagrant violation of FLSA laws in the US.
  7. by   chrisc-40
    It's good to hear male nurses are in nearly every area, I usually see more of them in OR and ER areas than others in a hospital.

    I am aware there are laws in the US about basing employment on age, sex, race, religion, etc. But after so many years in the work force I also know that proving there was discrimination is extremely difficult and usually impossible to do. Employers are aware of it too and so they will discriminate quietly if that's what they want to do. The net effect is job hunters are better off accepting the reality and targeting their job search away from certain areas/employers and towards those areas/employers more likely to hire them. As a matter of fact one of the reasons (among many others) I'm becoming an RN is that very few employers will hire people over 50. The news is full of stories and advice concerning age discrimination yet I haven't heard of one instance where the law was enforced or the company found guilty of it. At least in nursing there is a big unmet demand that neutralizes the tendency to hire only those under 50 making it much more likely that I'll be hired after attaining an RN license.
  8. by   elkpark
    Quote from chrisc-40
    At least in nursing there is a big unmet demand that neutralizes the tendency to hire only those under 50 making it much more likely that I'll be hired after attaining an RN license.
    I'm wondering where you got this information -- there is not much demand these days, and there are plenty of older nurses who have experienced what they perceive as (but, as you noted, can't prove) age discrimination. Have you looked at all the threads here about new grads (of all ages) having trouble finding jobs?
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  9. by   SoullusRN
    At my hospital, I notice alot of males want either ICU or ED. Those areas seem to have the most males in any given hospital. That being said, I started on a surgical floor and now I am a male pediatric rn! My hospital told me I am the first male ever to work on pediatrics lol.
  10. by   ImKosher
    Guys are working everywhere. There is not one area that prefers males over the other. Guys are in Med-Surg, Guys are in ED, Guys are in Nephrology, Guys are in PACU, Guys are in Pediatrics, Guys are in Hospice, they are everywhere. You can go wherever you want to go.
  11. by   AngelRN27
    I don't believe that the tendency to see male nurses in ER/trauma is because they are easily hired there; the relationship is backwards. Men seem to be attracted to/apply for those positions more so than any other. Another popular area for men is psych...
  12. by   dah doh
    Every area is open to males. I don't think men prefer L&D or postpartum type areas. My hubby has worked step down, ICU, dialysis, ER, PACU, and surgery. My friends have also done IV team, peds, psych, home health, public health, and med-surg. I think it's more where do you want to work?