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I am an African-American, male, student nurse, 50+ looking to enter nursing school. I wonder if there are any other men out there like myself beginning nursing school at 50 or am I just too late to join the profession!!!... Read More

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    45 here-husband and father of 5. I am a FF/EMT and I am currently working and making the leap to RN. First semester down and while it's a huge amount of work it is do-able! Go for it!

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    By this time next year I should be 50 (half way to dead) and working on my BSN, if all my plans come together. Good times.
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    45 here, will finish up with the spring semester. I have enjoyed my time in nursing school, but it has been a long and rocky road. I was ready to start making a difference in the world for people with my life instead of just making things.

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