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  1. Since nursing school is usually 8a - 5p weekdays, how am I suppose to attend nursing school/clinicals and work days????? Most importantly I need to work at least 40 hours a week and I cannot afford to take a pay cut when I enter my nursing program. HELP!!!
  2. wannabenurse14

    I am so disappointed in myself

    Hopefully, in the future we can exchange notes..... I am completing my "pre-req" before entering nursing school. Though I have a MSW providing clinical care, I feel the need to enter nursing school at this time for a number of reasons!! Peace!
  3. Appreciate your comments ... I have been working in the field of social work for more than 20 years. Nothing wrong with the social work/mental health field, except there are places which pay little or no money!! I, personally, make decent pay and have even made more money when working as a Psychiatric Social Worker in the hospital setting. My heart and soul is wrapped around becoming a nurse, since 2002. There are some many experiences I have to share with regards to why it's my time to move into this field..... Its a DIVINE appointment ... Peace! :)
  4. wannabenurse14

    no job after two years

    I am so confused re: where you get your statistics (numbers) .... I think you might want to check out some medical journals or maybe the hospital settings across America.... Hmmmmmm!!!