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There's 28 total people in my class and two of us are guys and it's an ADN program. I'm 20 years old and the other guy is in his mid 40's. The school I go to is 100 years old and this is our nursing program's first year, and... Read More

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    I'm in an LPN program of 69 students, 6 of us are guys--5 of which are over 40. We are half way thru and didn't lose any of us guys yet.

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    There is one dude in my class of 20
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    there are about 55 students in my class and I am one of two in there. We had a third but he hasn't been on the class list so can't think of anything else but that he dropped.
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    We have 70 students in my Level 1 class and 11 are male. I was shocked at the ratio, but it is great to see this many males entering the field. Some joke about the increase in the "XY factor". I don't have a preference, but it is still good to see.
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    we have 28 total in our class with 8 males.
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    56 in the class, 8 being men, average age if I had to guess (I KNOW two are very early 20's the remaining ones look/act to be early/mid 30's) I think the average age is early 30's.
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    We have 7 in a class of 39.

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