Hobbies that keep your soul alive?

  1. I love Nursing and i love health but some times it can get overwhelming. If there is something that gets my mind out of the hole at all times its Music Production in my home studio . Yes, that is my past time , Making beats. What is yours?
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  3. by   Loque
    I'm totally with ya, man. I spent my off time doing usually one of 4 things... lifting weights, writing, drinking whiskey, and going out with girls. Life is all about balance. Take care of your mind, body, and emotions, and you'll find school is much more bearable. At least that's my experience. I'd much rather get B and maintain my sanity than go straight crazy with an A.
  4. by   TrinidadStudent
    I like That!
  5. by   EmarosaNYC
    Lifting weights/Jogging
    Screen writing for short films
    Producing films/editing alone or w/ friends.
    Hanging out w/ friends
    My job lol.
  6. by   Bobmo88
    I start nursing school in 3 weeks but the things I like to do to unwind from my job as an ER Tech:

    playing basketball
    hitting the heavy bag
    listening to music
    drinking beer and tequila
    going to vegas as much as I can

    I'll have to cut out some of these when school starts but as long as I can stay active then I should be fine.
  7. by   Midwest Mark
    Hi TrinidadStudent.
    I have quite a few hobbies I try to juggle, but the two I always make time for are photography and astronomy (speaking of, there's a meteor shower Saturday night if you're interested). I find it's a great way to relax, no matter how stressful the day can get.
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  8. by   TheSquire
    Back when I was in school, I'd go to the weekly board game night at the local game store, partially 'cos I like board games, but also 'cos it's a very testosterone-infused environment.
  9. by   Buckaroo93
    Beer, hot wings, and cigars
    Deer hunting (or pretty much any kind)
    Beer, hot wings, and cigars
    Metal detecting
    Beer, hot wings, and cigars
    Gym (yeah, believe it or not!)

    Oh, did I mention beer, hot wings, and cigars!
  10. by   justinpark09
    beach, music, hiking ...
  11. by   iconian
    studying.... wahahaha! as educator there is hardly any time for relaxation, but my hubby and i do the TV thing, and outside with the most beautiful pitt-bull x boerboel dogs

    boring life...

    Sr. G
  12. by   Jack245
    The occasional video game with friends (currently live isolated from all of them by a 2 hour drive)
    And I try to take mini vacations between terms.
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    The boat which is going to be our retirement home still requires a lot of fixing.

    I read, and I write.