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I told my family that I want to be a nurse and my brother laughed and dissed at me.... Read More

  1. by   sangonejung
    Actually yes. Most of my friends (like 80percent) called me gay *** and sorts of name but in all honesty i dont give a sh*t. It is my life not theirs
  2. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Big_Mike
    my brother laughed and dissed at me.
    My brother drew a picture of me.

  3. by   NestorRN
    Here in california nurses make six figures. SO if anyone laughs at me ill just tell them to laugh at my bank account!! simple as that.
  4. by   kconrad1712
    The way I see it, you have 2 options...

    1. Ask them how many other professions are there where you can work surrounded by gorgeous, intelligent, strong women AND make a 6-figure salary?
    2. Ignore it and move on.

    <3 good luck in nursing!
  5. by   TrashPanda
    Quote from Davey Do
    My brother drew a picture of me.


    The hairy legs are priceless! Love this!!
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  6. by   imhorsemackerel
    I was never laughed at or dissed (at least to my face), but in my pediatrics rotation, one of the kids was surprised there were men who wanted to be nurses. Apparently before my group went to the clinical site he kept saying that men couldn't be nurses
  7. by   Davey Do
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    The hairy legs are priceless! Love this!!
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    Many Nursing Students have to work to pay their way through Nursing School, as did I.

    Here's photograph of me, taken in the late '80's, working, exhibiting my wares, outside the community college entrance:
  8. by   TrashPanda
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  9. by   aquakenn
    i have had a calling to be an LPN. It started when I became a PCA. I wear scrubs all the time. When I am out in public people ask if I am a nurse or doctor. When I say I'm thinking about nursing, everyone gives me support. No one laughs (yes I am a man) and everyone tells to me to be an LPN.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
  11. by   aquakenn
    If you're replying to my post, let me clarify. I am a professional addictions counselor. I was burning out so I asked someone if there was a low-stress job. She told me about being a pca. I did not like the idea. Then I tried it and liked it. During the course, the nurse who taught the course always said to all of us "when you become a nurse..." I had no desire. I just want to be a pca so I would be stress-free. About three months into the job, I got this 'little voice' that kept telling me (more like pushing me) towards nursing. I had been fighting the 'nudge' for months. Then I would ask my friends and co-workers about going into nursing. They all supported me. Two of my friends are RN's and they said that I would make a great nurse (mostly due to my disposition, because I don't know much about actual nursing). I plan to get an HHA in February. Many said that that can help a bit with some nursing stuff. I bought the TEAS study guide and casually look through it (because I'm not sure what will happen). I pray to God that, if he wants me to do this, he needs to make it so. I hope this makes me come across as an intelligent person and not a wannabe nurse.
  12. by   buffalobilly
    Long story short, I feel as if becoming a nurse is a calling for me as well. Pray about it and do what you have to do to make it happen!!
  13. by   Jt365
    Out of the remaining 55 students in my program from a start of 75 at the beginning of last semester....The male count is narrowed down to like 7, including myself. Personally, I don't mind, I like the material and classes and I feel like males generally have a different thought process than females after going through my program so far and being in different study groups, so I think we all help each other in different ways. The pay come graduation in my area is not anything to laugh about either. Also, the guy:girl ratio is definitely a plus haha.