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Currently, what do you guys recommend as the best nursing shoes for men? I'd love to try a pair of the Timberland PRO Renova Professional Slip-On, but they are only made for females. When it comes... Read More

  1. by   Caleb_RN225
  2. by   Caribbean Character
    $130 Dansko's. They are worth the money.
  3. by   overtonis
    I have to throw my hat in here because its an issue that drives me crazy. Why does there have to be this demasculinization process of male nurses entering the nursing field? Clogs...seriously? Your mom or your sister wears clogs...not you! When I entered nursing field...I also bought into all the hype of what I should be wearing and paid $120 for danskos. I wore them for few years and then started travel nursing across the country and noticed most of guys just wearing sneaks. My advice is keep your money in your pocket and just get sneaks that do two things: 1) breath (some type of mesh or light weight material 2) gel/memory foam insole. Don't worry about spilling things on them because once you know what your doing you will rarely spill anything on them. If you do simply put them thru washing machine.
  4. by   Murse91
    I usually wear nike free run's working as a patient tech. Although I recently purchased a nike hiking shoe that was on discount at a local store and they extremely comfortable!
  5. by   Brett SPN
    My program requires all white, skid free shoes. I'm a 12w so that limits me to very few pairs. I've seen most staff wearing nikes or some other type of street sneaker. Some places are more strict than others. I'm getting away with crocs at the moment but they're against the rules at my school. Yes they're white, skid free and ugly as hell.
  6. by   nursebtanner
    I use new balance I'm a chick but they make all white 525
    's think they are called and they are walking shoes and comfortable. They make them in men's also
  7. by   RyanL2
    Nike Air Max 20-whatever year it is. I buy them with the coupon at finishline, usually snag them for around $90-100 (full price is $180).
  8. by   Axm611291
    For my clinical I bought all white nike shox from original price is 120 got them for 80bucks they had a sale event going on
  9. by   PaulBaxter
    Just my own two cents. I bought a pair of Crocs Specialists. They are VERY comfortable while standing, and they are only $30. You wouldn't want to run in them since they are clogs and just have a strap in the back, but I couldn't be happier with them.
  10. by   Spinmass
    I got a pair of all white nike walking shoes with gel inserts and they are perfect for being on your feet all day.
  11. by   PacoUSA
    Nursing shoes for men suck! Sorry, but it's true. I opt for Nike instead, way better style and comfort. Just sayin ...

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  12. by   emtb2rn
    I wear Bates Men's Code 6.8 Inch Side Zip Lightweight Tactical Boot. Very comfortable, light, excellent arch & ankle support, no messing with zippers and can run in them.
  13. by   jman1972
    I wear Fila slip resistant work shoes with memory foam insoles. I got them for 40 bucks.