Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student - page 9

I'm aware that the words 'Gay' and 'Nursing' may somehow go hand-and-hand for some, and others may find it comical, but I've found it quite uncomfortable being gay and a male, nursing student simply... Read More

  1. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    Or you are trying very hard to accept all LGBT people because you know it's the right thing to do, but you still have a few blind spots you haven't yet eliminated. Or you haven't yet spent enough time with a LGBT individual to realize that they're just people too. Give us all a chance to change before you discount us as allies.
    Really? I prefer to keep all my personal life separate from allnurses but I am VERY familiar with the LGBT community. I am not here to change people's opinions, I'm just stating my own but everyone has their own prejudice and I accept that.